2011 Draft ReDo (what the 49ers should have done)

The 49ers, in my opinion, had a pretty average draft. This is something that i feel like we will become accustomed to with Trent Baalke as GM. I dont think he is that great of a talent evaluator and doesnt know how to trade in the draft. Look at the Anthony Davis trade up and selection. First, I would have drafted Earl Thomas. Second, there was no need to trade up and grab Davis when he would have been there at our original spot.  So i want to look at the 2011 draft pick by pick and analyze the selection and who they should have drafted. I pick players that would have been available for the 49ers to select at their draft choice. There will be no hypothetical trading of picks. I will use the actual draft choices they had. The only exception is in the 2nd round where the 49ers will have their original picks because they didnt trade up for Kaepernick (which i didnt agree with).


Round 1. Pick 7

Actual pick- Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri

Who they should have picked- *Aldon Smith DE/OLB Missouri*

*Why? Of course the 49ers should have done everything possible to trade this pick and move back in the 1st round!!! Really needed to trade back and get an extra 1st rounder next year, (a la the Falcons Browns trade), to have enough ammunition to get Andrew Luck or another QB in what could be an extremely talented group of QB's in the 2012 draft. I cant do trades because then it would have affected the players that would have been available at their selections. If they would have traded back the pick should have been Jimmy Smith CB (who will be a Pro Bowler in this league). If not for the character issues i would take him at 7. Even though Aldon Smith was a reach there wasnt much to pick from at #7. He was a solid pick as he displays good power and has good bend on pass rush to get around linemen. Very dynamic but also little stiff in the hips and plays way to high which is a bit of a concern. One thing i really like is that he has a nasty swim move and great character. Good addition to the locker room.


Round 2. #36

Actual Pick- Colin Kaepernick QB ,Nevada (traded 4th and 5th rounder to get him)

Analysis: I dont think Kaepernick is an NFL QB. I do like his work ethic but, i dont like his delivery and dont think he can make the NFL reads and progressions and he must improve his accuracy. I hope im wrog about him but we will see what Harbaugh can do with him.(Big time reach by a team who is a QB away from being a playoff team)

Second Round. #45- (original pick before trade)

Who they should have picked-  Greg Little WR, North Carolina

Why? The 49ers are in desperate need of a big physical receiver that can beat press coverage and go up and get the ball. Crabtree is a finesse WR  is not a true 1 but would be a great 1B. If he gets a guy opposite of him with the stature and athleticism of Little, you will see Crabtree's numbers increase big time. It would open up the defense and take the pressure off Crabtree to where he can get the ball on underneath routes and get those YACs which is what he is best at.!! Im telling you the one thing that the 49ers are lacking on offense besides a QB is a guy who can go up and get the ball. Josh Morgan isnt that guy but, would be a great 3. Greg Little would improve this offense.

Round 3. #80

Actual Pick- Chris Culliver CB, South Carolina

Analysis: Talk about a reach! this was the biggest one by the 49ers who seemed to reach a lot in this draft. Not the answer for a horrendous Secondary. He is very stiff in the hips and is a big time developmental player who has horrible instincts and will be an average corner at best. Will get beat by WR's a alot. Something that the 49ers current CB's do most of the time. So i guess in that aspect he fits in perfectly. My least favorite selection by the 49ers is Chris Culliver

Who they should have picked- Clint Boling OL, Georgia

Why? Boling is a versatile OL who can play anyhwere on the line. Would bring great depth to the offensive line and will be an instant upgrade over Chilo Rachal. Can you imagine Boling and Iupati opening up holes for Frank Gore? Boling could also step in at tackle when needed. This would have been a solid pick


Round 4. #108 (pick they would of had if they didnt trade up in 2nd round)

Who they should have picked- Rashad Carmichael CB, Virgina Tech

Why? This was the guy the 49ers needed at CB, not Culliver. Carmichael has very fluid hips and excellent footwork. One of the quickest CB in this draft. This guy has instincts and the ability to break on the ball and make a play. This was my big time sleeper pick. I think Carmichael will become a very good CB in this league and the 49ers missed out. Plus, he is coming out of Virginia Tech which produce very productive CB's in the NFL. This would have been great for a weak secondary. Exciting player!


Round 4. #115

Actual Pick- Kendall Hunter RB, Oklahoma State

Analysis: Great pick! This is a guy the 49ers needed to improve their offense. He is very versatile and is a great back up to Frank Gore and could develop into a starter and eventual replacement for Frank Gore. Great Value pick who will help out immediatley

Who they Should have picked- Kendall Hunter


Round 5. # 141 (the other pick if they didnt trade in 2nd round)

Who they should have picked- Taylor Yates QB, North Carolina

Why?  The 49ers do need depth at QB and I like Taylor Yates and will be a very productive backup in this league. I like his moxy and years down the road if he gets a chance to get in the game he could surprise a lot of people with what he can do. I predict a Shaun Hill type story for this guy in the NFL.


Round 5. # 163

Actual pick- Daniel Killgore OL App. State

Analysis: Wont be anything other than a reserve and will eventually will develop into a role player on the O-Line when injuries occur. The one thing going for him is that he can play many spots on the O-Line

Who they should have picked- Demarcus Love OL, Arkansas

Why? In the later round you want to draft for value and this guy would have been a great value. This would also complete our needs for depth and quality for our O-Line and can focus on other positions for years to come and not worry about the O-Line anymore. This guy has some pretty good tape and would have gone in the first 3 rounds if it wasnt for his awful Senior Bowl but getting him here would be well worth the pick. Boom or Bust type player who has all the intangibles to be a good player.

Round 6:  I agree with both of the Selections of Ronald Johnson WR, USC and Colin Jones S, TCU

Analysis: I like Johnson and was a good value pick. Could develop into a #2 in this league. I like Colin Jones as well. He will be great on special teams and could develop into a role player in this secondary

Round 7 #211

Actual Pick- Bruce Miller FB/LB, UCF

Should have picked- Bruce Miller

Analysis: I like this guy as a FB prospect but we could get lucky and this guy could play some OLB and produce a good pass rush on third downs. This guy was highly productive in college and will be great on special teams as well

Round 7 # 239

Actual pick- Michael Person OL, Montana State

Analysis: Cant see him doing much in this league. I feel like he will be a practice squad guy and wont have a long career in the NFL. Not much upside here

Should have picked- Mark Herzlich LB, Boston College

Why? Before he had cancer he was a great LB who was a first round type talent. He won the battle against cancer to return to the field for his senior year. This guy has a tremendous amount of character and would be great in the locker room. The guy has the heart to make it in this league and yes it will take some time to get back to where he was physically but, I think it will be well worth the wait and can develop into a starter. This would have been a tremendous pick!!!! This guy could have produced on special teams until he got physically back to where he was before cancer. I hope we go after him when FA opens after the lockout

Round 7 #250

Actual pick- Curtis Holcomb CB, Florida A&M

Analysis: I havent seen any tape on him so i cant really analyze this pick with confidence

Should have picked- Martin Parker, DL Hampton

This guy is a 300 pound guy who is very quick for his size and can disrupt passing lanes. Due to his quickness I think he could add another 10 pounds to his frame and could develop into solid nose for our 3-4 defense as a backup and be versatile to step in at times on a 4 man line and get some decent pressure with his quickness. A development type guy

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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