Free Agency Wishlist

With free agency coming quickly after a new CBA is done, i just wanted to take a look at the 49ers and who they should let go, re-sign, and FA they should go after once free agency starts. Since Baalke has stated that the 49ers wont be big players in free agency I tried to get guys who wont cost too much money which is why you dont see Nnamdi Asomugha on this list.


Cut/ let go

1. Nate Clements, CB- I know we are already weak at corner and we didnt really address the CB need in the draft, (Chris Culliver is not the answer), but Clements is way overpaid! I would rather cut him because he is a liability in coverage and use that money for a better player. Would be open to keep him if he takes a major pay cut

2. Dashon Goldson, S- He is going to want big money and im not sure he is worth the price. Sometimes a liability in coverage and really took a step back in performance last year.

3. Aubrayo Franklin, NT- As much as i would love for the 49ers to resign him I think the price will be too high for them to retain his services. A lot of teams will go after him and i think the 49ers are going to have to let him walk. That said I think Sopoaga will be a very solid NT if the 49ers move him there

4. Ted Ginn, WR- Did help with Special teams but we got other guys on the roster who can be a return man. Cant catch and  wasnt the down field threat we brought him in to be.

5. David Carr, QB-  Just awful

6. Moran Norris, FB-  not very good at run blocking anymore and has limited pass catching ability


1. David Bass, C/G- We are very thin at center and this is a must sign.

2. Ray Mcdonald, DE- He wants to be a starter and i like the pressure he puts on the QB. i would like to bring him back and have him start opposite J.Smith. I really like his potential as is worth bringing back

3.Takeo Spikes- Still productive on the field and we need his leadership on the team

4. Manny Lawson, OLB-  I think Manny is under appreciated for what he does in coverage. I really believe that he would also become a great pass rusher under new defensive coordinator Fangio and will surprise a lot of people how good he is under a new defensive scheme.

5. Travis Laboy, OLB- This guy has a serious motor and is a great situational pass rusher. Will be pretty cheap and he gets constant pressure on the QB

6. Alex Smith, QB- I have been an Alex Smith hater since he was drafted in 2005. I wanted the 49ers to cut him the past couple of years. But the 49ers really have no one else and are not interested in bringing in a top veteran qb so as much as i hate to say it and cringe at the thought of Alex Smith being the opening day starter again for the 49ers they really have no choice but to bring him back. It makes me sick thinking about Alex Smith being a 49er for another year but we put ourselves in such a bind at the position that we are forced to bring him back. MUST BE CUT NEXT YEAR!

FA Wishlist

1. James Jones, WR (GB)- The addition of Jones will vastly improve our WR corps and will develop into a big time WR in this league. Our offense would improve with Jones on the roster. My top guy i want the 49ers to go after

2. Eric Weddle, S (SD)- This guy is great in coverage and is a ball hawk. A great coverage guy is what our secondary needs!

3. Josh Wilson, CB ( BAL)- would be an upgrade over our CB's on the roster. A bit small but makes up for that in speed. A good coverage guy

4. Eric Wright CB (CLE)- he had a couple down games last year but is young and physically gifted. I really like this guy and would love to see us add him to our secondary

5. Vonta Leach/ John Kuhn, FB- Either one would be huge upgrade over Norris. Both are great run blockers nad will help the running game tremendously! Also, will give time for Bruce Miller to develop. WE NEED A TOP FB for our run game. A must sign in free agency

6. Marcus Spears, DE/DT (DAL)- He would bring solid depth to the D-line rotation as we will have to bring in some guys for depth if Frankilin bolts to another team and we move Sopoaga to NT.

7. Bruce Gradkowski/Matt Leinart, QB- Since the 49ers dont like to be players in the qb market and either sign or trade for a top veteran qb's, (like trade for Carson Palmer or bring in a vet that could actually compete for the starting spot), I still think we should bring in a veteran QB and Gradkowski has a little Jeff Garcia in him. Leinart has underperformed but i think he has a chip on his shoulder to prove people wrong. Either of these guys would be a great addition to the QB competition.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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