49ers Undrafted Free Agent Signings Advantage: Jim Harbaugh The Recruiter?

With official free-agent signings starting today for all rookies - drafted and undrafted - there's sure to be some competition between teams for the most coveted players of the undrafted variety.  Yesterday it was noted that the new CBA has limitations on the amount of signing-bonus money teams can spend on undrafted free-agents (UDFA's).  Reportedly this number was capped at $75,000 total per team to spend on ALL UDFA signing bonuses.

The problem this creates is separating the teams who just want a guy as camp-fodder versus the team who sees something in a prospect...a team who wants the guy to stick-around.  In the past agents could help figure out which was which via the signing bonuses offered to players.  If Team A was offering a $2,500 SB versus Team B offering $20,000...it became clear who thought more highly of a prospect.

With the $75k cap on SB's, teams will have to work harder to convince a player they have "plans" for him on their team.  This is one area where I feel like Jim Harbaugh may have an advantage due to his experience recruiting players at the college level.  Sure, other coaches have been college recruiters as well, but Harbaugh is fresh-off the gig and we've all heard him speak about the game of football before.

Feel free to use this as this morning's Open Thread to discuss all of the Free Agency rumors and reports sure to be swirling around like the winds at Candlestick.

After the jump we've got a list of players expected to officially sign today and we'll continue updating through the morning.

Chase Beeler, C, Stanford
Donovan Edwards, OL, Cal
Ian Williams, NT, Notre Dame
Dontavia Bogan, WR, South Florida
Joe Hastings, WR, Washburn
Tyler Beiler, WR, Bridgewater College
DeMarcus Dobbs, DE, Georgia
Konrad Reuland, TE, Stanford
Derek Hall, OT, Stanford
Chris Hogan, WR, Monmouth
Sealver Siliga, DT/NT, Utah
Kenny Wiggins, OT, Fresno State
Monte Simmons, OLB, Kent State
Kenny Rowe, OLB, Oregon
Brian Bulcke, DT, Stanford

For a complete list of UDFA's from Maiocco, check here.
For a list of UDFAs with Barrows comments, check here.

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