2011 NFL Free Agency Open Thread: Remaining Free Agents At Key Positions

Quick note: The 49ers officially released Nate Clements, so that answers the question about when he would be gone. This would also seem to mean they haven't been able to work out a new deal and will consider some alternatives.

The second day of free agency is coming to a close and the 49ers two moves today involved the signing of former draft pick LB Larry Grant and former Titans practice squad fullback Jack Corcoran. Not exactly awe-inspiring but they'll both compete at positions where depth is needed. Grant will compete with NaVorro Bowman, Scott McKillop and Keaton Kristic for time oppose Patrick Willis. Corcoran will get some snaps at fullback where the team currently has Moran Norris, Bruce Miller, and maybe Anthony Dixon as well.

In the meantime, free agency has quieted down a decent amount today with players visiting and trying to decide where they are best suited. Plaxico Burress is visiting the 49ers tomorrow after a flight delay today and Dashon Goldson indicated he is still working on his decision but the 49ers remain in the running.

While we wait on those two decisions, as well as decisions on Aubrayo Franklin and Manny Lawson, I decided to pull some lists of available free agents from ESPN's Scouts Inc. After the jump I have a rundown of some of the top free agents still available at cornerback, center and wide receiver.

Each position lists out player name, last team, experience and Scouts Inc. grade

Jonathan Goodwin, Saints - 10 years - 75
Olin Kreutz, Bears - 14 years  - 75
Lyle Sendlein, Cardinals - 5 years - 74 RE-SIGNED
Chris Spencer, Seahawks - 7 years - 73

Antonio Cromartie, Jets - 6 years - 79
Carlos Rogers, Redskins - 7 years - 75
Chris Houston, Lions - 5 years - 69
Phillip Buchanon, Redskins - 10 years - 68
Corey Graham, Bears - 5 years - 68
Kelly Jennings, Seahawks - 6 years - 68
Ellis Hobbs, Eagles - 7 years - 67
Lito Sheppard, Vikings - 10 years - 67
Dmitri Patterson, Eagles - 6 years - 66
Fabian Washington, Ravens - 7 years - 65

Wide Receiver
Braylon Edwards, Jets - 7 years - 83
Steve Smith, Giants - 4 years - 78
Plaxico Burress, Giants - 9 years - 77
Malcolm Floyd, Chargers - 6 years - 77
James Jones, Packers - 5 years - 76
Randy Moss, Titans - 14 years - 75
Terrell Owens, Bengals - 16 years - 75
Mark Clayton, Rams - 7 years - 72
TJ Houshmandzadeh - 11 years - 72
Legedu Naanee, Chargers - 5 years - 68

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