49ers On Twitter: And A Happy Birthday To Chris Culliver

And now that we're past the outright craziness of free agency and we've gotten to some actual, factual, football - it's time to make the 49ers on Twitter posts a regular thing. I'd still like to come up with a better name for these, but I'm going to leave that up to you good readers. You come up with the clever names for once, I'm all tapped out in that regard. That being said, I hope you enjoy these, they're simply a fun way to catch up with the 49ers on Twitter on a week-to-week basis.

This week, I learned that C.J. Spillman loves Red Bull Cola something fierce (with no less than five tweets about it), but I find the stuff repulsive. I would literally rather take a page out of the dog's book and throw my leg up around my head and ... oh, sorry for that mental image. (I'm really not.) I also learned that Anthony Dixon still has not learned how to use hashtags, and it is Chris Culliver's birthday, so wish him well. I believe he's twenty-three today. Good stuff.


Early morning grinding!Anthony Dixon, Grinding hardly seems necessary on the football field. Inappropriate, even.

Aye ok!Anthony Dixon, OK.

No worse feeling then realizing that there is no toilet paper left just when you are finished - Scott McKillop, Who was not prepared.

Me & @ASnyds68 having a #WatchTheThrone listening session getting ready for an exciting day at work tomorrow. #EmbracetheGrind - Anthony Davis, Listening to a thoroughly disappointing album.


It's my birthday it's my birthdAyChris Culliver, Who is clearly excited about his birthday.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CULLY LOL. - Chris Culliver, He's wishing himself a happy birthday now!

It's 12 on the east coast so it's my birthday over there 23Chris Culliver, Who can add or possibly even subtract three.


Chillin with Crabtree this dude funny - Curtis Holcomb, Who obviously made a typo, as Michael Crabtree is always alone. He might mean the other Crabtree.

Boot off.... Can't wait to get back on that field!Michael Crabtree, Who will probably take the field alone.

I was expecting a crowd of like 2k to be at airport welcoming me like buffalo did T.O.... Lol wasup wit thtDashon Goldson, ... Ahem, well, you can go be alone with Crabtree


I'm really tired today I must say! 3hrs a day on the green surface but I will not give up because failure is not an option. - Vernon Davis, Who isn't aware that failure is an option that the 49ers always pick.

Forgot to mention to all 49er fans, please do not get discouraged. We will be ready by game 1. We have awesome QB's that can lead us. - Vernon Davis, Fooled me!

Anything don't kill you make you stronger,it was a blessing,football is back,Thank you God!Anthony Dixon

I love this defensive scheme! As you will too... #Niners - Donte Whitner, Who is probably lying to me. I could never love our defensive scheme.


I see where this is starting to go #smn - Chris Culliver, Shaking his ... neck? What is that? I don't know what that is. Tentatively guessing "shaking my nephew", in which case, you need to calm down, Culiver. Also "shoot me know" might be it.

Me and Chris Culliver gotta go get these vets snacks #RookieHazing - Curtis Holcomb, I'll take a nutter butter, please.

Y'all should see this list of snacks I gotta buy for the Veterans on team, it's goin run me bout 300 dollarsCurtis Holcomb, Who should be thankful he isn't on the Giants, lest he go bankrupt purchasing choco tacos.


I'm needing like a couple REDBULL COLA cases! I know somebody has the hookup for me! - CJ Spillman, Thankful that he's no longer in college, lest he get suspended for getting free Red Bull.

Give me one ain't scared! I need a MVP! A chick that's gone massage my feet,my ankle,my back,My motivation,Then u get whatever u like!Anthony Dixon, Who can't seem to find a good motivation massage. With or without a happy ending

"@CJSPILLMAN27: Can't wait to get on the field w my boy @thehawk38! It's on and poppin next week!">U mean ya daddy son. - Dashon Goldson, #realtalk

@thehawk38 trick please I got Kids older than u! Just be lucky I like you and treat u as one of mine!CJ Spillman

Goodnight Family friends and Fans,bout to get my mind body and spirit lock and loaded,#No Days Off, #No Bad Performances #Grinding - Anthony Dixon, Who still doesn't get hashtags

Made to the Hotel,greeted by sum State Fans that never get old! This man shook my hand so much so fast I was stuttering,lol #GrindTimeAnthony Dixon, I seriously doubt that Boobie was bothered by somebody else's erratic movements.

I guess someone on the team wanted to use my shampoo and conditioner more than I did and decided not to return it #sharingiscaring - Scott McKillop

Was signing autographs and a fan had cancer ..she should have had the pen and me the paper #keep fighting - Aldon Smith, I'm really liking this guy now. Is     


Goodnight Family friends and Fans,bout to get my mind body and spirit lock and loaded,#No Days Off, #No Bad Performances #Grinding - Anthony Dixon, Who still doesn't get hashtags

#Bandana Gang,My Flag My Flag,49er Faithful stand up!Anthony Dixon,

Everyday I wake up I hank GOD....I'm not supposed to be in the NFL... Donte Whitner, Who is hanking GOD


Y'all boys Ready! Already! Yall boys Ready! Already! Y'all ain't ready! Shydddddd! Yall ain't ready! Shydddddd!Anthony Dixon, Philosopher

Alright folks, so that's that! Don't forget to follow the official @NinersNation Twitter account. We've also got the @sbnbayarea account, and a list of 49ers players for you to check out. Lastly, my personal Twitter account is @ninnyjams

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