Ted Ginn - What am I missing?

So he rolls with the first team offense in practice, he starts pre-season games with the first team offense and almost every writer publishing a 53 man roster projection has him in there, not even on the bubble but right in the mix, opening day on the roster depending on the suspension and injury situation - starting!


But here on Niners Nation and virtually every fan reaction to articles, messageboards or anything else Ginn is on the bubble/ gonna be traded/Gonna be cut - did I miss a memo to all fans from Harbaugh saying 'ignore what we are doing and what everyone in the press is saying, Ginn's gone and we is just foolin'!

the man doesn't even seem to have the Alex smith apologist army (paid up member), just a bunch of 'we no likey you'

In some ways I can appreciate this fan reaction, I myself am not Ginn's no 1 fan. I mean, I was on hand 'well, in hand in the gents, leaking' when Ginn caught one of his awesome career 6 receiving touchdowns, at Wembley Stadium, cue rushing out of the gents doing up my fly running to see the replay on the scoreboard as I missed like my first ever 'live' TD - useless Ginn, bad timing nightmare fool!

And frankly the man is so fast he has been more open more often than than Chad Ochocinco's mouth, but his hands of stone have killed him as he has had a four year career and managed 6 receiving touchdowns after playing in over 60 games. Last year with the 9ers, and fair is fair, the stone-age offense, he had a huge 12, yes thats 12, receptions - hardly Captain Fantastic.

But then when someone puts foot to pigskin Ginn comes alive, Devin Hester he ain't but boy o' boy that 78 yd TD Punt return vs the Rams last year was awesome, after 2009's who can fumble the most competition the Niners had going on during punt and kick off returns, after repeatedly watching other teams punt and kick from a position hiding behind the sofa like I hadn't done since watching Dr Who at the age of 7, I was looking at someone who knew what they were doing.

Then we get round to this off-season and for all the list of RoJo's and Williams and Long's - Ginn actually has experience, the coaches seem to like him, he is apparently doing the biz in practice and I think we can all give him a break after the wall of air that was the blocking vs the Saints meant QB's couldn't get a pass out let alone in his direction. At least he caught a pass vs the Raiders, it's harsh but 'thats good for Ginn'.

I am not suggesting anyone has to like him but does anyone even want to wait and see what the team does before they write Ginn off? I mean the dude has almost as many rushing touchdowns (2) as he does receiving, tell me Harbaugh isn't going to find a way to utilise the speed of the man, and if he don't I could at least watch the TV without disturbing the dust behind the sofa.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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