IF the Niners can't go 6-0 in the division...

...I will forgive Mike Singletary's coaching


Seriously, I know you all think that I am probably talking out of my posterior, bumhole, acceptable American euphamism but, how can you look at the rest of the divsion, even a super awesome strong post-season divison like the NFC West and not think the Niners are easily the most capable team.

No joke, no sarcasm but honest to goodness...if it had only been for a little better organising, game-planning and leadership from the top last year would have been the first winning season in what feels like forever.

How can I back that up?

QB - For all you Smith haters out there, which of the current likely starters in the NFC west at the QB position has the most experience, most wins and the most faith expressed in him by his head-coach. Kevin' 2 games is my limit and then I am injured' Kolb? Tavaris 'I couldn't beat out a Grandad' Jackson? Sam 'Sophmore Slump' Bradford?

RB - Steven Jackson is the only in division competition for Gore and he has managed to be more beat up then Frank the Tank in recent years

WR - Ok so granted Larry Fitzgerald is completely on his own as the class of the division,  both Braylon and Crabtree have some proving to do but with some gameplanning going for a change, can 1 weapon not be accounted for?

TE - VD, whatever you may say about Fitz as a receiver VD is only challenged at TE by his team-mate Delainie and even he can't get close

OL - Hmmm, ok, definitely a work in progress but who in the divison can better it for talent?

DL - ummm Justin Smith hands down on his own here but the rest of the Niners unit though unproven matches up to most of the unproven talent in the rest of the division

LB - And now team's are going to have to take into account Bamm Bamm might be taking on the QB up close and personal and not just making sure he eats players coming his way - I think the threat that he might be on the blitz is going to slant a lot of blocking schemes and that is something new for teams to gameplan for. Oh and now we might have a further pass rush threat coming over the top of Justin Smith as Aldon Smith adds something new

CB - Still a work in progress, can't argue against that - not gonna try but on paper (WHERE THE GAME ISN'T PLAYED) it loks a lot better than last time round

Safety - See CB

Collectively as a unit is there definitely a better defense in the division? We are talking about the Cards (lost most of their best players) Seattle (who do they have again?) and The Rams (who possible have something going on but I couldn't honestly say what).

HC - Harbaugh who supposedly watches film (BEFORE) games and understands game-planning.

Please, seriously, someone want to explain to me how not just having a better preperation wouldn't account for a whitewash of the division - I am an optimist granted and a Alex Smith apologist of the highest order (dude is like a racing driver its never his fault; its the car, the conditions, the setup - you see where I going with that?).

So if this team can't go 6-0, I cannot see how it was all the fault of Mike Singletary's coaching last year and I for 1 will forgive it.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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