My look at the players with shot at the 49ers 53-man roster

Below is my list of players either that will be on the 49ers 53 man or have a shot.

There are a total of 60 active guys who I see have a shot, 3 IR guys(Including Byham)

For the 60 + 3 IR our cap standing would be $112,225,074M(Including Dead Money)

That would leave $8,149,926M in cap room.

I don't think we used any cap space this yr on Gore.

You will see on the DL, I have Tukuafu and Williams as shots, I think one will make it, but both could.

Joseph is listed, along with Kristick, I see he was hurt last night, but haven't seen any new info on him.

Now say the 7 players cut have $375K salaries saved. That would add $2.625M to our cap room available. Take away $707,200K for 8 Practice Squad Players.

And our cap room would be, $10,067,726M

The only vets I can see gone would be Lawrie who would count as 50K Dead Money but save 700K. Moran Norris is possible, saves 1.5M.

Of guys I don't have as possible only 3 have bonus left, Curtis Taylor, Colin Jones and Ronald Johnson.


11 Alex Smith(2011) - $4.9M

7 Colin Kaepernick(2014) - $931,691K

9 Josh McCown(2011) - $860K


21 Frank Gore(2014) - $7.133M

32 Kendall Hunter(2014) - $484,805K

24 Anthony Dixon(2013) - $480,150K


44 Moran Norris(2011) - $1,927,500M

49 Bruce Miller(2014) - $390,613K


81 Braylon Edwards(2011) - $2.1M

15 Michael Crabtree(2014) - $5.734M

84 Josh Morgan(2011) - $626,500K

19 Ted Ginn Jr.(2011) - $1,443,750M

10 Kyle Williams(2013) - $469,850K

18 Lance Long(2012) - $450K

17 Doninique Zeigler(2011) - $525K


85 Vernon Davis(2015) - $6,974,666M

46 Delanie Walker(2012) - $1.61M

48 Konrad Reuland(2013) - $375K

89 Nate Lawrie(2011) - $750K


66 Jonathan Goodwin(2013) - $2,166,667M

68 Adam Snyder(2011) - $2.1M

69 Tony Wragge(2011) - $860K


77 Mike Iupati(2014) - $1,777,500M

62 Chilo Rachal(2011) - $1.091M

67 Daniel Kilgore(2014) - $415,075K

78 Mike Person(2014) - $386,475K


76 Anthony Davis(2014) - $2,354,166M

74 Joe Staley(2017) - $2,159,750M

75 Alex Boone(2011) - $450K


94 Justin Smith(2013) - $5.5M

91 Ray McDonald(2015)- $2M

78 Demarcus Dobbs(2013) - $375K

63 Will Tukuafu(2011) - $375K


90 Isaac Sopoaga(2012) - $4.955M

95 Ricky Jean Francois(2012) - $535,750K

64 Ian Williams(2013) - $375K


99 Aldon Smith(2014) - $2,615,273M

55 Ahmad Brooks(2011) - $2.4M

98 Parys Haralson(2013) - $2.15M

96 Antwan Applewhite(2011) - $600K


52 Patrick Willis(2016) - $7,184,333M

53 Navorro Bowman(2013) - $625,562K

54 Larry Grant(2011) - $600K

51 Blake Costanzo(2011) - $750K

58 Alex Joseph(2011) - $375K

57 Keaton Kristick(2011) - $450K


22 Carlos Rogers(2011) - $4.25M

36 Shawntae Spencer(2012) - $3.2M

25 Tarell Brown(2013) - $1,680,750M

26 Tramaine Brock(2011) - $450K

29 Chris Culliver(2014) - $524,719K

35 Phillip Adams(2013) - $464,462K


20 Madieu Williams(2011) - $1M

38 Dashon Goldson(2011) - $2M

27 C.J. Spillman(2011) - $525K


31 Donte Whitner(2013) - $2,333,333M

30 Reggie Smith(2011) - $796K


2 Davis Akers(2013) - $1,916,667M


4 Andy Lee(2012) - $1,276,667M


86 Brian Jennings(2014) - $1.131M


WR 9 Dontavia Bogan(2013) - $375K

TE 82 Nate Byham(2013) - $476,550K

CB 41 Curtis Holcomb(2014) - $386,475K



Kentwan Balmer


Mike Balogun


Tramine Brock


Jarrett Brown


Glen Coffee


Nate Clements


Nate Davis


Ronald Johnson


Colin Jones


Matt Kopa


Keaton Kristick


Scott Long


Chris Maragos


Taylor Mays


Scott McKillop


Jared Perry


Michael Robinson


Patrick Stoudamire


Curtis Taylor


Cody Wallace




This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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