Why we will beat the Giants

Hey niner fans

Been religiously and daily (at least) using nn for over two years now, always reading all your guys’ comments. Salary_cap and Drew LOL to troll powaa, Fooch, James and all the rest of you. I dont know what took me so long to sign up and start posting, but here I am finally. My dads from the Bay but i was born and raised in Dubai, been a diehard niner fan since birth (87) and cannot express how great-full I am for even BEING in this game, an NFC championship game guys! can you even COMPREHEND THAT! these games are for the 90s niners and 90s cowboys…. we are IN that game. with Alex Smith at the helm no less, who woulda thought. Im not a hater of AS11 but i cant say i didnt yell at the TV for 4 years straight cursing to trade the bum. I am HAPPY to be proven wrong.
Ok, now that introductions are concluded, lets get down to business. My key points about the game:

- The Giants defense has not been overrated all season but the media, nn, and the Giants are overrating them at this point in time. I believe football is mostly won and lost at the point of attack and i will give you that their D-line is playing great. They win because they can get pressure on the QB without blitzes. Our O-line will be tested and AS11 and Roman need to help them out with quick passes/slats, bubble screens, roll outs and bootlegs, maybe an option even, reverses…. these arent really "trick" plays, they are just "keep em on their toes" plays. their will be around 70 snaps for our offense, commit 5-7 to keeping them honest will go a great way imo.

- Our D-line is gonna smoke their O-line and we wont have to commit to blitzing so much, i cant tell u how proud I am of our line, especially Mcdonald and Ice. (94 gets enough credit). that pressure will help out our CB who will really need all the help they can get because the NYG WR are the best in the NFL hands down imo, but their specialty is the YAC and breaking tackles which is our forte (disregard the Sproles and Graham TDs… still get a lump in my throat when i think about those).

- Their running game is forgettable and im not worried about it considering 52 and 53 still wear the red n gold. What a sweet ring to it. 53. what a pleasant surprise he was this year.

- Our running game should DOMINATE them this game if Roman could just commit more to it. It frustrates me when the 49ers dont play to their strenghts… We were up against NO and the niners were trying to be witty and keep passing. Now, dont get me wrong, im not saying we should become less aggressive when we are in the lead, im just saying that we should run the ball for aggressive purposes for gods sake. The run CAN get yardage lol, its not like its an automatic 2-3 yards…. Gore can bust those NYG LBs in the mouth with Usi, Pierre Paul, and Tuck on his back while smoking his Joint, a coronna in hir left hand and the rock safely in his right. Get with the program playcallers. use your stud….. (please read the article about Gore being overrated. they need to stfu).

No disrespect to the Giants, they are a good football team but their are one-dimensional against a niner team like ours and that dimension (pass) should be mitigated by our strong (Aldon Smith gives me a theoretical hardon) pass rush against their average OL.

PLEASE thoughts? comments? not you salary_cap (just kidding :P )



This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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