At the end of the day......

Nothing can make me feel better. The season ended with a battle of tough defenses waging a field position war of the ages only to have the outcome decided by anemic offenses and a lack of better judgment. In hindsight, does KW10 try to make a play again? I think yes for sure. Would the result be different? Had I not watched the previous 60+ minutes of play, I would say yes 9 out of 10. Problem is I did watch the game and I feel lucky that our beloved Niners were there in the first place, but as I am sure some of you did also, I looked over at my wife on the diving punt catch and remarked that "KW10 might cost us the game with bad decisions like that..."

And so with a wet ball in a grind of a game, the 49ers season ended with an abrupt slap in the face and a sharp Lee Press-On poke to the eyes. Do I blame KW10, no, he was just trying to make a play with hs return game when we need a spark for our "O." Our offense had its' share of attempts and opportunitys, our defense proved stout as it contain the recently crowned elite chosen one. At the end of the day, I cant help but feel a little dissapointed in the special teams coaching. Maybe they did talk to KW10 after the diving punt catch....maybe they did talk to him about not getting near the ball if it bounces.......maybe they told him to secure the ball over all else. Maybe it didn't sink in, but maybe they didn't drive that nail home enough.

Something about this game......this year. From last weeks "I got dust in my eye...." to this weeks "I got jalapeno in my eye.." The emotional roller coaster finally comes to an end and here in day two I just can't stop thinking about it. There is the angle that, as pittiful and sour grapes as can be comming from a losing fan, I just don't believe in my heart the best team won this past Sunday. I know, profound. After all the smack talk from NY, the lack of faith placed by sports "experts" to the smug looks on Eli's face, it wasn't good enough to be there and take them to overtime. That long lost yet rediscovered feeling from the days of Montana, Rice, Lott, Young, B freakin Jones and Taylor, when we expected nothing less than a Super Bowl had returned. At long last we're back and on national TV, EastSPN must take notice. Call me myopic, call me a typical NorCal fan....what ever I'mproud of where I'm from and proud of my teams.

I'm sad that the season is over. I feel dissapointed and let down by the thrilling game the nation was treated to this past rainy Sunday. How powerfull is football or sports for that matter? As soon as the game was over, my loving wife quickly recommened that we watch "Money Ball." Although I was able to catch a few laughs, during this viewing, on this particular night, I couldn't help but see this as the re-telling of a greek tragidy on how for just a brief moment in time, my beloved A's had an advantage on the MNC that is the NYsports engine and how the release of this book marked the end of that advantage. Something about THESE 49ers and this run helped me get through some trying family times and stressfull work, almost like each Sunday gave my mind a reason to be excited, concerned or just wander a bit on the thought that we may just get to the Super Bowl. Well that is over and reality it settling back in.

If you have read this far, you must feel somewhat the same. If you don't please stop here as I don't want to waste your time with my writing therapy :)

My 49ers reality:

Alex Smith -

I have long supported Alex Smith from the day just prior to my marriage, when I bought the AS11 jersey before he had even taken a snap for the 9ers. I am thrilled with his season, but cannot say with any conviction that he has joined the ranks of the elite QBs in the league. Based on some of throws he makes, I think the potential is there, but it isn't right now. I did see the bad throws this past sunday, but like many times this past year I also saw AS11 make throws that couldn't get picked off. I think he did this well all year despite the TV announcers saying he was off target. I hope that AS11 signs for three more years and we see what a full offseason/preseason nets under the regime.

Wide Recievers -

We have been built well enough through smart signings and strong draft classes to be able to afford some top notch help in this department. If Josh Morgan returns at 100% (which I doubt, wr + leg injury = bad things) I think we are good, but need that other threat that will take pressure off of VD. I don't know that we have to spend big as there is always a chance we find our Cruz in the draft, but it is nice to know we can if we need to. 1 catch in the NFC championship is not ok for our wide recievers. I have to believe that if they were getting open, they would have had more targets. Our WR's need to get open faster our our O-Coordinator needs to work on some shorter routes.

TE's -

Wow. In any other game if I saw VD jump up on the TV platform I would say uh oh, Vernon finally got some press and he is reverting. That being said,not this week. He has such a strong competitive nature it must have been agony listening the Giants run their mouths so emphatically in the press and remain quiet. Thats right Vernon, show them how WE talk, on the field using the scorboard as our translator. VD and DW.....we are blessed here.

Frank Gore -

I have a man crush on Gore. All time leading rusher for the 49ers. Frank the tank before "Old School." Should retire as a 49er. I am concerned, and grew more so over the course of the year, that Frank is reaching the limits of his body. I think he can do well in running back by commitee, but I think his days of featured back are near an end. It pains me to say so and I am sure many many disagree, but he runs so hard and has been lacking that break away speed, I believe that we will see almost 50-50 (baring injury) time with Hunter next year and 3-1 carries the following year. Not trying tobe negative nancy, just how I see it.

Defense -

We're Good. Need to get some contracts in place. All should want to stay on this team. Here's to hoping!

O-line -

I think we can keep this o-line together, we will be in great shape after a a strong off season and minicamps. I think we need some help with depth, but who doesn't.

Special Players -

Akers. Lee. If you wern't a deep football fan who understands how important the kicking game is, I'm sure you are now. Kickers have long life spans and I would love to see these two retire as two decades :)

In summary, Thank you 49ers for giving me 14 happy weeks out of 18. I don't see a light at the end of my eeore funk tunnel, but it is certainly nice to feel again.

P.S. Sorry for spelling errors, this was typed on a tablet

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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