January 29 49ers 7-round mock draft

For entertainment purposes. Let me know what you think...

Retained Free Agents:Carlos Rogers, Alex Smith, Ahmad Brooks, Ted Ginn, Adam Snyder, Brock, Josh Morgan, Will Tukuafu, Castanzo, Gooden

Gone: Chilo Rachal, Dashon Goldson, Grant, Reggie Smith, Norris, Peele, Swain, Madieu Williams

1.30 OG/OT Cordy Glenn, Georgia, 6-6 346 5.28

A huge road grader. Could probably play OT but in this case coming in to take over Snyder's RG spot and his ability at RT provides added flexibility for any future injuries. Alternates to this pick are Peter Konz C/G, Mike Adams OT, Kelechi Osemele G. Both Konz and Adams will probably be off the board by #30, however if Adams were available he would be a huge upgrade over Anthony Davis against the speed rush at RT and would allow Davis to move inside and dominate at RG. Note: Adam Snyder is only retained if he comes at a reasonable price.

2.62 FS Markelle Martin, Oklahoma, 6-1 203 4.47

This draft class does not look deep at FS but Markelle Martin should be an upgrade from Dashon Goldson. With 6 picks and a trip to the 2011 Pro Bowl, some owner will give Dashon the payout he's been looking for and it will be more than he is worth. He's probably headed to the Redskins! Markelle is an immediate upgrade. If Markelle is not available then we should use this pick for the best rush OLB/DE or DT on the board.

3.94 WR Tommy Streeter, Miami, 6-4 215 4.49

Coming out early as a junior and the hype on him has been surprisingly quiet. He's tall. He's fast. And he has decent ball skills. He'll be a scary player to defend against as he matures and adds weight. If he's not available then WRs Stephen Hill or Juron Criner are good alternatives here.

4.126 CB Omar Bolden, Arizona St, 5-10 195 4.49

Our CBs are better than the general perception that the fans and media have. Rogers was awesome in his first year as a 49er, Brown is young and played pretty good, Culliver looks like a future star, and I think we got a couple of guys on the IR or PS that we haven't even seen yet. However, if we can get Omar Bolden here then it's a steal. He would be going a lot higher if he had not injured his knee last spring. He's a play maker with high upside at this spot. Another potential steal who might drop is Brandon Boykin who just broke his leg at the Senior Bowl. That was unfortunate for Brandon because he was one of the top CBs at the Senior Bowl throughout last week.

5.157 WR Marvin Jones, California, 6-2 198 4.53

The 49ers WR situation was dire enough that I think they might double dip in the draft, as well as pickup a free agent. I mean Brett Swain and Joe Hastings? I doubt the Giants put much thought into game planing for those two before the NFC championship and rightfully so. No disrespect guys, but c'mon man. Marvin just showed his wares at the Senior Bowl. I read that he was mostly used in the slot at Cal, but he showed what he can do on the outside this week. Crisp route runner and sure handed. An alternate here is WR Jordan White who had a huge college career in receptions and yards, and also stepped up with big games against his biggest competition.

6.189 OLB Adrian Robinson, Temple, 6-1 250 4.73

Adrian could have gone anywhere as a highly recruited player coming out of high school, but chose to go to Temple. He played all over the field at Temple and showed potential as a OLB in a 3-4 scheme like the 49ers. I'm guessing he's on a lot of boards as a late round gem, so he may not even be available here. Trevor Guyton DE, Derek Wolfe DE, DaJohn Harris DT are some other defensive front names with upside that the 49ers could be looking for at the back end of the draft.

7.221 RB Edwin Baker, Michigan St, 5-9 210 4.49

Baker is coming out as a junior. He has speed to get to the corner and can run for power between the tackles. There's not much hype on him, but I could see him pushing Dixon for the 3rd spot and has some sleeper potential given his youth and speed. He'll need to demonstrate that he can block and it will be a huge upside if he can show good hands.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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