Monkeying up the picks - Week 6

Wow, I can't believe that I forgot to put the Saints-Chargers game on last week! Since it was myself who made the original mistake, anyone who posted results I'm going to put that down as a right pick (I'm counting myself as a loss in that).

This is a self-reflection week for me. I've been getting sloppy in my fanposts, and am going to try to make things just that little bit better. I'm going to put in some actual analysis (aka "guess") on each of my picks.

As far as results, it was ugly for the monkeys. Monkeys are in hiding this week. They handed me their picks and then went on a vacation to the Banana Republic. Here are last week's results. (I snagged Fooch's from his post.)

Fooch, Burning Davis: 12-1

reedkrase: 11-2

ak4niner, OffensiveInterference: 10-3

Youfamissim: 7-6

Monkeys: 2-11

Now, onto my expert analysis as well as my picks for the week.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans: Tennessee can't run and their QB is OLD. Their defense is allowing a huge amounts of points per game. Pittsburgh has their own issues but should be able to handle the Titans, even in Tennessee.

My Prediction: Pittsburgh Monkey's prediction: Pittsburgh

Oakland Raiders @ Atlanta Falcons: With the exception of the Pittsburgh game, the Raiders have looked in disarray. The Falcons may be winning ugly, but they are winning. Potential trap game, but Atlanta goes to 6-0.

My Prediction: Atlanta Monkey's prediction: Oakland

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens: The first of (place filler) good matchups this week. The question will be: which Tony Romo shows up? I think that those 5 interceptions have been gnawing at him. He will come back with a vengeance. And he will need to; otherwise Baltimore will eat him alive.

My Prediction: Dallas Monkey's prediction: Dallas

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns: Cleveland has been making improvements, but has found ways to lose. Bengals showed some weakness vs. the Dolphins. I think Cleveland digs deep in this divisional rivalry and pulls out a close win.

My Prediction: Cleveland Monkey's prediction: Cleveland

St. Louis Rams @ Miami Dolphins: The next good matchup. No, please stop throwing things at me, I'm serious. Two scrappy teams who find ways to win. Two almost evenly matched teams. Normally I would pick the home team, but this is the Dolphins, who have as of late played better on the road. Rams have the edge in special teams. (You see that kicker and punter?)

My Prediction: St. Louis Monkey's prediction: Miami

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets: Two teams headed in opposite directions. Colts are starting to gel together and rally around their head coach (prayers to him). Jets show flashes of life, but shoot themselves in the foot. You can hear the "TEBOW, TEBOW" chants all the way here in Alaska. Going on a major limb here; Jets find a way to win. Sanchez wants his starting job, and I think the Colts will be emotionally spent (though will play hard).

My Prediction: NY Jets Monkey's prediction: NY Jets

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles: Lions are undisciplined. They have under-performed over the past 4 games, and should actually be 0-4 vs. 1-3. Some say it is the Madden curse (ok, it was mentioned on the shame report, so only one person...). However, the Eagles like to turn the ball over. A lot. Lions know this is a last-stand for them, and will rally to a huge win.

My Prediction: Detroit Monkey's prediction: Detroit

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: First a quick personal note. You NEVER NEVER cheer for an injury. NEVER. That is why I despise Eagles fans (as much as I hate Irvin, cheering for his head injury was evil); and I have put the Chiefs fans right along with them. However, Chiefs have a better all-around team than the Bucs do. Better runners, better defense.

My Prediction: Kansas City Monkey's prediction: Kansas City

Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals: Bills are staying on the west coast this week; has Harbaugh started a trend? Both teams lost badly last week. Take heart Bills fans; that O line of Arizona will make your D look like they could start for the Texans or Niners. Arizona will have to rely on turnovers from their D and special teams. Not going to be enough this week.

My Prediction: Buffalo Monkey's prediction: Buffalo

New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks: Welcome to game 2 of the NFC West Pats. Seattle is a better version of the Cardinals, and you're playing in Seattle. In this case, home field means a lot.

My Prediction: Seattle Monkey's prediction: New England

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers: Hello New York. We had a locker room built for you. Three times in the last year? Plus one more time during the playoffs this year? The rivalry has been renewed!

My Prediction: San Francisco Monkey's prediction: San Francisco

Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins: With RGIII in there, the 'skins have a decent chance. However, the Vikings have a pretty complete football team. It will be a good matchup, but even a healthy RGIII won't win it for them...yet.

My Prediction: Minnesota Monkey's Prediction: Minnesota

Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans: Third great matchup of the week. The Jets showed some holes in the Texans D, and I guarantee that A-Rod will be ready for them. Sanchez kept the Jets close to Houston, so I think Houston gains their first loss of the season.

My Prediction: Green Bay Monkey's Prediction: Green Bay

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers: Chargers are pretenders. They haven't beaten a good team all season. Denver has played top-notch teams. Denver will disrupt Rivers, and Manning will school the Chargers how to carve up a Defense for dinner.

My Prediction: Denver Monkey's Prediction: San Diego

Overall scores for the season:

Fooch: 50-26

ak4niner: 46-30

reedkrase: 37-24

Monkeys: 36-40

OffensiveInterference: 10-3

Drew Kerr, 49erFanSince1950 10-6

Rhardin49 9-7

Youfamissim: 7-6

Picks and analysis are welcome and encouraged.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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