Press Pass: Dashon Goldson thinks Eli Manning is 'tough', screengrab

San Francisco 49ers free safety Dashon Goldson spoke to the media on Wednesday about the toughness of New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning.

It's $2 steak week in Santa Clara, California again.

The theme of the day is tough.

Stepping to the podium on Wednesday to speak with the media, San Francisco 49ers free safety Dashon Goldson wearing a No. 52 Patrick Willis jersey. The Niners are preparing for the New York Giants in Week 6, and that was today's topic of discussion.

On more than a few occasions during the presser, the media asked San Francisco's Pro Bowl safety about two-time Super Bowl Champion quarterback Eli Manning. And while he referred to Manning as an "accurate" quarterback, he seemed more impressed with the QB's toughness.

Goldson on Manning:

We all know that across the league, Eli [Manning] is a very good quarterback, very accurate, tough guy. Fortunately, I was able to face him twice last year, and what I got out of the game is that he's really tough -- tougher than he looks...

...Like I said, he's a tough player. He took a lot of shots from us last year, and I thought a lot of those shots he was going to get up slow, but he got back up and stayed in that game and finished it off...

...We did pressure him. With a lot of quarterbacks we face, after we get on them a little bit, they start to simmer down but this guy, he kept it going.

Goldson isn't kidding either.

If there is one thing we learned from the NFC Championship, it's that Eli Manning is one of the leagues tougher quarterbacks. He endured an absolute mauling by the 49ers defensive front, getting laid out at least a dozen times.

Goldson recognized this toughness and knows the 49ers defense -- especially their secondary -- cannot ever get complacent in this game. Because as many times as you know Manning down, he is going to get up and keep swinging.

And you can only combat toughness with toughness.

It seems that wearing the No. 52 shield was Goldson's way was outsourcing the toughness he'll need to compete in Week 6.

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