A Fan's Perspective: A Strange QB Dilemma

I felt compelled to make some expressions in this post of "A Fan's Perspective," and allow me to first define what angle I am trying to work with this theme.

First, this theme in writing this post is designed for the quick reader and to make it easy for me to post articles using my mobile device which explains why I don't add heavy stats in these articles or multiple quotations. I will just combine sheer writing skill with my perspective of 49er football.

i want to share an intuition, a sense of what i am feeling about the strange Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick quarterback situation.

Why do I call it a strange QB dilemma?

I have a valid reason, some fans may not agree with me, but I am going to spit it out:

Coach jim Harbaugh is a brillliant and widely successful coach, surrounded by one of the best NFL coaching staffs a head coach could possibly assemble. He is 17-5 in the regular season since he was hired, with one trip to the NFC Championship Game. He nearly transformed Alex Smith from a topsy-turvy quarterback into a much more consistent quarterback, eventually molding him to a highly ranked quarterback.

Then Colin "WildKaep" Kaepernick was drafted and eventually began to be groomed by installing wolfpack packages for him in spelling Smith for a play or two.

Then fans began to call Alex Smith out and demand for Harbaugh to use Kaep more often, and when he fumbles or gets stopped like he was during the game against the NY Giants, the 49er fans start the decry over using Kaep too much, Kaep is becoming over-evaluated by us fans, the same thing with Smith. Both quarterbacks are under scrutiny because of the way Harbaugh is using them.

I wonder what it is like to be the noodles in Harbaugh's brain or the stimulative thinking he is becoming creative but it is turning the QB rotation a strange one. One week the fans hail Alex Smith, the next week they turn on Kaepernick and even with hesitance attempt to explain that Smith needs more rhymth for his game to stay consistent.

The other oddity is the fact the element of surprise is disappearing, and the quirk behind the playcalling. I don't question the playcalling in general but the timing of putting Kaep in seems a little impulsive. Here is a weird analogy here, but it is like having a midnight snack just before dinner time. Get it?

The final won/loss record will demonstrate either the brilliance and rationale behind this QB dilemma or the noodles of Harbaugh's brain.

I hope it is the latter.

Otherwise we fans will have a marathon with comments that sway back and forth between Smith and Kaep amid the duo QB rotation that will keep us guessing over Harbaugh's rationale behind their QB usage.

And it only gets stranger with Harbaugh at the helm.

What is crazier is, if he proved himself right at the end of season, then it is on us as strange fans.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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