Where are we in the playoff race?

How do we stack up against the rest of the division as far as tiebreakers go? What do we need to do to ensure at least a wild card spot? Other than win out, I mean. That's what I decided to find out.

I broke up the schedules of the four teams into NFC West, NFC North, AFC East and the non-common NFC games. Taking a look here we see who's falling behind and who's ahead when it comes to tiebreakers.

For anyone who doesn't know, the first four tiebreakers are:

  1. Head-to-head
  2. Division record
  3. Common record
  4. Conference record


St. Louis: 2 - 0, v.SEA(W), v.ARI(W), @SF, @ARI, v.SF, @SEA

Arizona: 1 - 1, v.SEA(W), @STL, v.SF, v.STL, @SEA, @SF

Seattle: 0 - 2, @ARI, @STL, @SF, v.ARI, v.SF, v.STL

San Francisco: 0 - 0, v.SEA, @ARI, v.STL, @STL, @SEA, v.ARI

The Rams are out to an early lead in the division. The Niners haven't played one game yet but are already in a hole. Fortunately for us, the Seahawks are in an even deeper hole having lost both of their division games. With only four games remaining, or six for San Francisco, it's on the rest of the division to catch up to St. Louis right now. The Niners start their division schedule this week and need a win to keep up with the Rams and Cards.


Seattle: 1 - 0, v.GB(W), @DET, v.MIN, @CHI

San Francisco: 2 - 1, @GB(W), v.DET(W), @MIN, v.CHI

St. Louis: 0 - 2, @DET, @CHI, v.GB, v.MIN

Arizona: 0 - 0, @MIN, @GB, v.DET, v.CHI

I don't think any of us can imagine Arizona winning all four of their NFC North games, especially with how they've been playing the last couple games. They could go 2-2 though which means the Niners need to win that Bears game. That would also help put more of the load on the Seahawks to win out their three remaining if they want to have the advantage. St. Louis is playing to break even at this point. They're upcoming game versus Green Bay is a must-win for them.


San Francisco: 2 - 0, @NYJ(W), v.BUF(W), v.MIA, @NE

Seattle: 1 - 0, v.NE(W), v.NYJ, @MIA, @BUF

Arizona: 2 - 1, @NE(W), v.MIA(W), v.BUF, @NYJ

St. Louis: 0 - 1, @MIA, v.NE, v.NYJ, @BUF

Good start for the Niners and the Seahawks. Bad start for the Rams. With the wins over New England, it's hard to see Seattle or Arizona losing their remaining AFC East games. With how hot-and-cold the Jets and Bills are playing and how close the Dolphins are playing everybody, anything could happen the rest of the season.


San Francisco: 5 - 1

Arizona: 3 - 2

Seattle: 2 - 2

St. Louis: 2 - 3

With San Francisco at a combined 5-1 in common games, the onus is on everyone else in the NFC West to keep up. The Niners have three games left while the Rams have lost three games so far. They're pretty much out of the race. Arizona's next common game is this week. They're not in must-win mode yet, but I think they will be if they lose in Minnesota.


Seattle: 2 - 0, v.DAL(W), @CAR(W)

Arizona: 1 - 0, v.PHI(W), @ATL

St. Louis: 1 - 0, v.WAS(W), @TB

San Francisco: 0 - 1, v.NYG, @NO

Non-common games contribute to the conference record and while it makes winning that fourth tiebreaker easier, it's not wholly necessary. Still, it behooves the Niners to beat the Saints to keep up in this category, especially with the Seahawks winning both their games.


Arizona: 2 - 1

Seattle: 3 - 2

St. Louis: 3 - 2

San Francisco: 2 - 2

San Francisco has fallen behind in conference record. They have two more non-division games and all six division games left to catch up. It's not as bad as it looks however. St. Louis may be 3-2, but two of those wins are in the division. Catching up in the division over the next couple of weeks should put the Niners closer to having the advantage in this tiebreaker.

If the season ended right now, according to and the 49ers would just miss the playoffs; edged out by the Seahawks due to conference record. The two teams are technically tied in common games record right now because not all the common games have been played yet.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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