49ers vs. Seahawks final injury report: Mario Manningham, Joe Staley both questionable

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

We break down the 49ers final injury report in advance of Thursday Night Football against the Seahawks.

The 49ers and Seahawks get back in action Thursday evening, which means we have the final injury report. None of the names on this final report are surprising, although given what we thought we knew after Sunday's game, Mario Manningham certainly qualifies as a bit of a surprise. Here is a rundown of the 49ers injury report, with thoughts on each player and their likelihood of playing:

RB Brandon Jacobs
(knee - full Mon/Tues/Wed) - At this point I really have no idea when we'll see Jacobs on the field. Jacobs and Harbaugh reportedly ironed out whatever issues they had, but it doesn't help us figure out if he'll be active. If I was a betting man I'd say never bet against the streak. However, given the fact that Seattle actually has a very solid rush defense, I'm going to go against the grain and predict he is active for the first time this year. I'd suggest not placing money on that, however.

WR Mario Manningham (shoulder - limited Mon/Tues/Wed) - The 49ers emerging receiver was a surprise appearance on the injury report with a shoulder issue. Through the first five weeks Manningham was getting four or five targets a game. This past week against his former team, Manningham was targeted nine times, while Michael Crabtree (the previous leader) was targeted five teams. I would predict Manningham will play on Thursday. There has been no significant discussion about his injury, so I am predicting based on gut feeling.

OT Joe Staley (concussion - DNP Mon, limited Tues/Wed) - Staley has been going through the various batteries of tests for his concussion. He said he was symptom-free yesterday before practice. He would be getting another round of tests before he could be cleared to play. There is no word yet, so we'll wait and see on that. If he is cleared to play, that does not guarantee he plays, but it will be worth keeping an eye on. In his absence, Alex Boone handles left tackle and Leonard Davis handles right guard.

K David Akers
(illness - DNP Tues, full Wed) - It sounds like he was under the weather on Tuesday, sitting out practice. He was back in full participation on Wednesday and would seem good to go. Hopefully he can get back on track this week.

LB Tavares Gooden (elbow - full Tues/Wed) - Based on the reports, Gooden might have aggravated something either during Monday or Tuesday practice. Given that he was a full participant otherwise, it seems like he should be good to go as a full-time special teams player.

P Andy Lee (hand - full Mon/Tues/Wed) - He has had a hand issue for several weeks but continues playing. I noticed against the Jets that he did not catch practice snaps from Brian Jennings, so the team seemed to be playing it safe with him. He will be active barring anything random.

QB Alex Smith (finger - full Mon/Tues/Wed) - Ahhh, the finger. Smith injured his finger late in the 49ers win over the Bills, but said it was not an issue in Sunday's loss to the Giants. He reportedly had some tape on the finger, but there are no other indications of any issues.

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