Why Colin Kapernick getting more playing time is a win/win for 49ers

Ed Mulholland-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After seeing over and over again the athleticism shown by Colin Kaepernick on the football field, it's obvious that he deserves more playing time and I think it's a win/win for the 49ers to give it to him.

What the world saw from Colin Kaepernick vs. the Jets on Sunday was nothing new to us die-hard 49ers fans. He's been showing his athleticism and strong arm for over a year now. It's presumably the reason the 49ers drafted "Kaep" and what we all look forward to seeing if/when he takes over the QB position in a more full-time role.

But pump the brakes on that last thought, for now.

It's easy to get excited about what Kaep brings to the table and think maybe he should get more playing time. Well, I totally agree on that, but it has to be managed properly. Still, I think getting him in the game more is a win/win for the 49ers as a team, and for Kaepernick as a player.

Using him in spot-duty, to get creative, to set-up a last-minute score, to throw the defense off-balance, etc. is the perfect way to not only accomplish those things, but to get Kaep on the field in meaningful games for that time when he is called into action as "the guy".

I'd expect to see him get more time not only running the ball but throwing as well. You have to be multi-dimensional with a guy like Kaep or else defenses will just stack the box and treat him as a running back. Sure, he can sling the pill down the field, but he could use some practice with reading defenses, touch, and placement, too.

So get him in the game, use him in a multitude of ways, and get him used to the situations he could one-day face as the starter or in relief of an injured Alex Smith. It's an opportunity not too many QB's get in this day-and-age. Heck, most of them are either thrown to the wolves as rookies when they have hardly a clue about reading defenses, protections, coverages, etc...or they sit and do nothing, taking just a handful of snaps each week to "stay fresh" but never really getting situational experience.

Kaep could get more and more added to what he's asked to do in games if he proves he can handle it. I'm hoping that the deep pass to Moss isn't the only thing they put on his plate in the passing game, but that they give him some "real plays" at some point, too. I'd give him an entire series from time-to-time, let him learn how to manage a drive, the huddle, the clock, etc.

He is in a unique position, and so are the 49ers. I think it benefits everyone involved to let him get on the field more, and I hope that's just what they do.

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