Monkeying up the picks - Week 5

We, the monkeys, are tired of being made fun of, ignored, and just plan disrespected. No rec's, no comments. Since our keeper can't seem to do a decent article, we stashed him in the cage and decided to write this fanpost.



We have proven that we are just as smart at picking winning teams as anyone on this site! Fooch, ak4niner, and we all tied at 9-6. Now this week is when we prove we are smarter than you "evolved" wanna-be simians!

First, bye weeks. Thank the bananas that the Lions have a bye week. Not only do they eat monkeys, but their play has stunk worse than us before we clean ourselves. The Pirates also both have a bye week. ak4niner's note: That's the Bucs and the Raiders...they never could tell the difference. Finally, after getting mauled by the Bears the Cowboys are also, healing from their embarrassing loss. Guess they should have gotten a bigger six shooter eh?

Now, onto this week's picks!

Arizona Cardinals @ St. Louis Rams: Cardinals will fly around and peck at the Rams, but one head-butt and the Cards fall to the earth.

Monkey's pick: St. Louis Rams ak4niner's pick: St. Louis Rams

Philadelphia Eagles @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Ever try to steel something from an Eagle? They have sharp talons and live too high up.

Monkey's pick: Philadelphia Eagles ak4niner's pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns @ New York Giants: What is a brown? Brown paper bag? Brown bananas? Brown dirt? Whatever, Giants will walk all over them

Monkey's pick: New York Giants ak4niner's pick: New York Giants

Atlanta Falcons @ Washington Redskins: Watched a very old western, and we've seen what happens to Falcons...they make good feathers for that cool-looking hat.

Monkey's pick: Washington Redskins ak4niner's pick: Atlanta Falcons

Miami Dolphins @ Cincinnati Bengals: TIGERS! RUN!

Monkey's pick: Cincinnati Bengals ak4niner's pick: Cincinnati Bengals

Baltimore Ravens @ Kansas City Chiefs: Chiefs shoot down the birds for more feathers in their cap.

Monkey's pick: Kansas City Chiefs ak4niner's pick: Baltimore Ravens

Seattle Seahawks @ Carolina Panthers: Panther eats bird. What else is there?

Monkey's pick: Carolina Panthers ak4niner's pick: Seattle Seahawks

Chicago Bears @ Jacksonville Jaguars: The Bears still are recovering from the shots the Cowboys gave them. The swifter Jaguars will claw them up.

Monkey's pick: Jacksonville Jaguars ak4niner's pick: Chicago Bears

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots: We looked up the definition of "Bronco"; it means horse. Horses are faster than people, so Broncos will beat Patriots.

Monkey's pick: Denver Broncos ak4niner's pick: Denver Broncos

ak4niner's note: I think the Patriots are in for a letdown, plus I think Manning knows how to beat the Patriots.

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers: Those old humans will be swarmed by the Buffalo.

Monkey's pick: Buffalo Bills ak4niner's pick: San Francisco 49ers

Tennessee Titans @ Minnesota Vikings: The Titans are HUGE. Vikings have those wicked horns. Unfortunately, all that will do is leave a bruise on the Titan's heel.

Monkey's pick: Tennessee Titans ak4niner's pick: Minnesota Vikings

Houston Texans @ New York Jets: The Jets ran out of fuel in week 4. The Texans will board the Jets and dismantle them.

Monkey's pick: Houston Texans ak4niner's pick: Houston Texans

Updated YTD standings:

The MONKEYS: 34-29

Fooch 38-25

ak4niner 36-27

reedkrase 26-22

Monkeys 25-23 (edit: Monkeys said since they were two monkeys, they wanted to be put in twice. Ignore this...)

Drew Kerr, 49erFanSince1950 10-6

Rhardin49 9-7

Go ahead and make your predictions humans! We monkeys will embarrass you!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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