49ers NFL Schedule 2012: Reassessing at the quarter pole

We take a look at the 49ers performance through the first four games, and get ready for the next quarter of the 2012 NFL season

The 49ers host the Buffalo Bills this weekend in the first of three consecutive road home games. The 49ers are now a quarter of the way through the season sitting at 3-1. There are areas for improvement, but the 49ers have shown us enough to figure they are moving forward with a momentum known to mankind, but potential for momentum unknown to mankind.

I took some time to shoot a quick video that the SB Nation Studios did up all nice like. I shot my portion via webcam, unlike the 49ers-Jets recap, but the studio is still able to put some solid graphics and info into the video. For this video, I took a look at the following:

1. Offensive MVP
2. Defensive MVP
3. Most Valuable Rookie
4. Unsung Hero
5. Needs to step up
6. Next four games

I rolled over the most valuable rookie pretty quickly given the 49ers situation. This really is a red-shirt type of year for the 49ers, and I can really live with that. It would have taken an unbelievable rookie to break into this starting lineup, and it is fine looking at this class as a building block for next year.

While we had these specific categories, I adjusted what I was discussing in part because it is hard to apply some of them. For the defensive MVP, I looked more at most improved. For "needs to step up", it was more about game-planning than Randy Moss' performance. If you can fit some options under the originally intended categories, feel free to drop that in the comments.

We are providing more and more video content, so make sure and subscribe at the Niners Nation YouTube channel. You'll get a heads-up whenever we upload new video. Right now we're doing post-game stuff and mid-week Google+ Hangouts with the opposing blogger. I'll be adding another mid-week Q&A next week, so make sure and subscribe.

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