DeafWriterJC's Intuition: Randy Moss Has The Green Light

I by all means am not a prophet or some kind of psychic-guided fan; but I merely am a deaf 49er fan with a special 6th sense intuition who probably has the same sense any ecletic-sharp hearing 49er fan has:

Let me lay it down for you: I sense that Randy Moss, on Monday Night Football will haul in a big pass for a touchdown or two; he is primed for a big night. That's common sense, right? Not quite so, because he may not have his number called on MNF versus the Bears, so that is where my acute intuition comes in; according to a tweet Randy Moss made and probably a typical tweet, knowing Moss' personality and positive outlook in addition to the camaraderie he brings to the 49ers.

But I sense this is no ordinary tweet and I will detail why:


"Hope u have a good weekend"

Am I out of control on this one? Absolutely not. Here is a touch of my intuitive theory on why this particular tweet holds a secret coded message declaring he is in for a big night on MNF in front of this fine nation.

Let me explain and give you an example. Say, if I was going to have a big hot date with a gal I was in love with and have a big attraction for, all that day or the day before I would make a big show of, "howdy do's" just greeting everyone as if I have great fortune with something in the "works." I would be in a great mood and be chippy, wishing everyone that they have a great day, and perhaps, a great weekend. I am feeling good about things to come.

Now you fans might think I am pretty lame with this story of intuition, because from what we all have been reading into Randy Moss' profoundly positive influence on his 49er teammates and the coaching staff all the way up and down from the ownership, management, and the dear 49er faithful fans. So, his tweet can be interpreted as typical of Moss' demeanor and the persona he has consistently displayed all season long.

Now that Colin Kaepernick will be making the start in place of Alex Smith, the brain-jarred starting quarterback, all Moss needs to do besides wishing everyone his hope they had a great weekend, is to run his designated route and let Kapper do the web spinning a rope directly into the hands of a real deceptively fast veteran.

Maybe my intuition is like our superhero, Spiderman. He can lasso, run, and make ropes.

Put Kaepernick in the equation and he will turn into this MNF beast.

With Moss as his sidekick, and I've got an intuition about this, and this is a good intuition, and one about to be proved on national television.

"Have a grreaaaat evening and a super week!" Hope I said it because something really good is coming our way (for all of us 49er fans)...

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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