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49ers vs. Saints: Injury News, Analysis, Recap

We break down some of the international viewing options for the 49ers Week 12 matchup against the Saints.

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Kendall Hunter, Kyle Williams both injured

It's not too frequently that you see two different players carted off the field at the same time. That happened to the 49ers as running back Kendall Hunter (32) and wide receiver Kyle Williams (10) were both carted off the field. According to beat writers in attendance, Williams is out with a knee injury and Hunter is questionable to return with an ankle injury. Hunter was running when he took the hit, while Williams was blocking when he went down and reached for his knee.

The 49ers activated Brandon Jacobs and also have Anthony Dixon to work in behind Hunter if he is unable to return. The loss of Williams means Ted Ginn likely goes back in as the return man after he was replaced by Williams following a fumble on a return earlier in the game.



49ers-Saints fourth quarter game thread

We break down the 49ers-Saints third quarter and open a thread for fourth quarter discussion.


Jim Harbaugh reacts to a ref's explanation

If there is one coach who can continually add fantastic reactions week in and week out, it's 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh. This latest reaction came after a rather questionable call that cancelled out what appeared to be a 49ers fumble recovery. Saints running back Mark Ingram rushed up the middle and was stopped and appeared to lose the ball. The refs ruled Ingram's forward progress had stopped. It is safe to say Jim Harbaugh disagreed with the official's explanation.



Darren Sproles flips Aldon Smith

Darren Sproles might be a little dude, but with the right leverage, even little guys can flip big guys. As he came out of the backfield with the ball, Sproles engaged 49ers OLB Aldon Smith and managed to flip Smith on his back. Fortunately for 49ers fans, Smith held on to Sproles' jersey with all his might and slowed him enough for other defenders to come over and get the tackle. It didn't stop the Saints from eventually getting a touchdown, but it was solid work by Smith to not lose Sproles.



49ers-Rams second quarter game thread

We break down the first quarter and open a thread for second quarter discussion.


49ers-Saints inactives: jacobs, Smith ACTIVE

We break down the 49ers-Saints inactive report for Week 12.


49ers-Saints US broadcast info

We break down the game time, tv schedule, odds, announcers and more for the 49ers Week 12 matchup with the Saints.


Kaepernick to start vs. Saints - few shocked

We take a look at the news that Colin Kaepernick will start Sunday's game against the New Orleans Saints.

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