A good time for Alex Smith to be Jim Harbaugh's golf caddie?

All Alex Smith has to be is a loyal understudy QB, one that studies film and stays focused no matter what his circumstances are; he just got "demoted" while the once-backup and now starter Colin "Kap" Kaepernick claimed his starting job.

But wait a minute, Smith has been one of NFL's highly efficient passers, he is a veteran, and NFL insiders were beginning to rave about him beginning last year all the way to the failed run to the Super Bowl, whose dead-end was the National Football League Championship Game versus the beguiled New York Giants.

The San Francisco 49ers are having another playoff run under Smith this year, whose starting role was yanked after his concussion marking another brilliant move by the opportunistic coach Jim Harbaugh, who always had a great rapport with Smith, who even had him be his golf caddie even after the fact he "evaluated" former Indianapolis Colt Peyton Manning, before he was signed by the Denver Broncos.

Now Smith is left to wonder how he cost himself a job, even after Harbaugh stated that Smith had done nothing to lose his job and he ultimately knows subconsciously that he should have made the slide before the hit which lead to the concussion that gave Harbaugh the excuse to go with "hot hand."

"Hotter hand," if you will.

His teammates don't appear to be worried about Alex, they will play as hard for either quarterback and collectively understand that Harbaugh wants to go with the hot hand. I don't mean to parrot the other sportswriters, but then again I want to stress that since Smith's concussion "Kap" has been playing extraordinarily well and impressively, bringing to the table what Smith does not, and the players don't dispute Harbaugh's rationale for the move.

I wouldn't be surprised if Smith spells Kap every once in a while for the rest of this season, late in the 4th quarters or if Kap gets injured.

But I would be surprised if Harbaugh brought Smith around as his golfing caddie, because with these golf clubs lying around....

All it takes is the right frame of mind.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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