Kaepernick vs. Smith

Aldon Smith? No way. Alex Smith would get sacked all the time.

Colin Kaepernick, affectionately called "Kap" or "Bo" by his closest peers, would not be sacked as often.

As long Kaepernick maintains the starting role, he will develop a pocket presence, feeling the pass rush better than Alex can.

But this story is not about Aldon, but the other Smith, Alex, who just lost his starting job, and the heavily tattooed backup quarterback "Kap," who took the starting job from Alex ever since he went down with a concussion.

I want to state some pointers about why Kaepernick has a higher ceiling.

When Alex began his career with the 49ers he couldn't even hit 100 yards passing, then his starts hovered around 100+ yards on the average, rarely hitting even 200. Alex had the misfortune of a revolving door with the 49ers hiring a new offensive coordinator every year.

On the other hand, Kap entered into a good situation, Jim Harbaugh, a highly successful and sought-after coach was an offensive-minded head coach and quarterback guru, and they also had Greg Roman who is the offensive coordinator and Geep Chryst, a quarterbacks coach. And they re-installed the West Coast Offense (WCO), with packages that accomodated both quarterbacks (Alex and Kap).

When Kap won the starting job the first two games he started, he had 243 yards and 232 passing yards successively, and not even Alex could do that when he began his rollercoaster career, and Alex didn't have his best year until 2012, only to have his job yanked from his good friend Kap.

Harbaugh knows very well how Alex began his career, with ridiculously low passing yardage and took forever to reach his ceiling. Kap took a leap towards his high ceiling right off the bat, and that was enough for Harbaugh to award Kap the starting quarterback's job.

Harbaugh also saw the reaction of his players, coaches, and fans when Kap made his starting debut, stealing the show from Alex, and it was almost like finding a Valienca orange that tasted more sweet and juicy than the other brands. The Valencia orange made its' splash, and nobody wants to eat the other orange brands for a while.

In the preseason, when I saw on television Kaepernick running for a 78-yard touchdown on a read-option play, I immediately knew at some point during the season Harbaugh was going to have to allow Kap start, or it would be a waste of talent not to. Granted, Alex is pretty good, but he is going to take you only so far with his lower ceiling.

After all, the San Francisco 49ers intend to regain their status as a NFL dynasty team, and that is by winning many championships.

Can I put it mildly funny? I think Alex got knocked out of his ceiling and will have to start over as a back-up or starting quarterback either with the 49ers or another team, only Alex can decide and his wife bet on.

But it is not funny, because Alex did so much for the 49ers, he took leadership during the recent lockout with the NFL and played against adversity. There are the Alex Smith haters, he took criticism everywhere - poor his wife. He is a real good guy and did basically nothing to lose his starting job.

More Zico coconut water for Kaepernick and his teammate, tight end Vernon Davis,

Only that Kaepernick doesn't drink Zico coconut water, but since Davis now will be on the receiving end, it will be time for Davis to encourage him to throw to him more and try Zico coconut water.

And the best part is, we haven't yet to see how high Kap's ceiling is, we are about to find out if Kap retains the starting job for the rest of this season.

More Zico coconut water, please, for me. It's going to be fun to watch Kap as long he plays, and I can pretend I am on his receiving end, too.

Ouch, my hands will hurt. And that is only mental, brother.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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