Golden Nuggets: 49ers bye week officially over

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

So that insufferable bye week is now over, and I managed to make it through with watching about two quarters or less of football this week. I watched the Oakland Raiders get beat up on a good bit, and I watched the Arizona Cardinals get beat up on a lot, so it was a good week. Could have done without the Seattle Seahawks picking up a win but that damned stadium is always good for a few points in the ol' betting lines.

But I'm so starved for football - that is, San Francisco 49ers football - that I happened to turn my basic Tuesday game preview into a 1500-word breakdown. So that's something ya'll should check out at SB Nation Bay Area, as we've got a 49ers hub over there you folks might be interested in. Also we're on Twitter, so get following that.

And yes, I am a big whore when it comes to this stuff. I learned it from Fooch. Blame him. Onto your quick links for the day, chillldren!

99 PROBLEMS, OR MAYBE LESS: So I already spoke about Aldon Smith's issues and the fact that I believe his version of the story in that there's not much to the whole "getting jumped" thing that happened. Not sure the guy really has much reason to lie, but I just hate that this kind of controversy and these kinds of problems continue to follow this guy around. Still, it's good to see that Jim Harbaugh supports him. | Harbaugh on Aldon Smith incident: Don't trust the Internet (Barrows)

TOGETHER WE'RE GIANT: These aren't the greatest comparisons, but I do love the Barry Zito/Alex Smith comparison, to be honest. It makes a whole lot of sense and I imagine the two understand the position that the other is in immensely. The Tim Lincecum comparison is pretty off, though. I do like the reasoning behind the Pablo Sandoval comparison. | The 49ers and their "Giant" counterparts (Lynch)

PLENTY OF REST FOR THE WICKED: Good stats from Barrows here, as the 49ers have an 8-1 record under Harbaugh when it comes to games played with one more day of rest than usual. Well, the 49ers have a ton of rest right now, given the Thursday Night Football appearance followed by the Monday Night Football game and now the bye. | Something extra: 49ers nearly perfect after long work weeks (Barrows)

NFC BEST: We'll throw that "NFC Best" moniker around a lot, but I really do hate it when the division wins. I root for them when the 49ers are out of the playoffs, but this team is only one season removed from being awful and I don't feel comfortable when a team like the Seahawks, who boast a strong defense (remind you of anyone?), picks up solid wins, especially over teams that beat us. | Seahawks' win cuts into idle 49ers' NFC West lead (Inman)

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