Assessment of Kaepernick's New Career with the 49ers: Graded to a "B."

I am more than impressed by Kaepernick's rise to stardom the past few weeks, with his tattoos on the forefront. But I am also subdued by news headlines saying "Kap is doing a good job of game managing."

Is Kap the reincarnation of Alex Smith, which is grossly an understatement since Alex, who is now a backup, is very much alive and holding the clipboard while Kap, "Mr. Everything," takes all the snaps?

No, Kap is not the reincarnation, and if he was, then Kap is the more athletic version with an arm receivers have nightmares about, with their dreams ending with pinkie fingers dangling like head coach Jim Harbaugh's pinkie does, as a short version of their dreams, but in reality, Kap is just a big boy who happens to have a big turtoise in his backyard wading in shallow water waiting for his master to run through the end zone, to the tunnel leading to team clubhouse and stadium exit, just so he can go leapfrogging through the news headlines playing the giddy hare outracing his own pet turtoise before it gets across the pond.

As harebrained it sounds, Kap actually performed much better making good use of an Alex Smith-tailored game plan that first game he started, when Vernon Davis actually bowed down before Mr. Everything.

Then offensive coordinator Greg Roman started customizing the game managing plan for Kap, and the results have not been the same since the heralded Alex Smith game plan.

Truth be told, maybe Roman should fashion the game plan as a hybrid Alex Smith-Colin Kaepernick game plan and see how much better Kap does?

The first game he played, threw for 243 yards. Second game declined to 232 yards. Third game, just hovered over 200+ yards (if I am wrong, correct me). On this day, against the Phins, threw for a lower 185 yards. The more Kap plays, the more he resembles a game manager, which is of some satisfaction to Harbaugh and the sportswriters gleefully coining the most misunderstood term in sports today.

Sounds like, if it was baseball, "hitting safely."

In other words, get on base. In football, that usually means moving the chains without giving up turnovers with some clean, efficient football, or at least, without giving up two or more turnovers.

Notice that when Kap heads to the end zone for touchdowns, it is through a wide open lane inviting him to. Didn't the other game Kap have a 50-yard run? Jafar, the genie Kap, looked like he was running through a jungle cut clear by machetes, and today he converted yet another 50-yard run for a touchdown this time.

It looked like he was still playing for UNLV the way he ran to the end zone. Earlier in the preseason, Kap bolted for a 78-yard touchdown run where Jafar was conjured up to who he is today as a starter with the 49ers. Alex the game manager's only hope is to summon Jafar back into the genie bottle and reclaim the starting job, which I don't think is going to happen unless the fans boo him out of the starting role.

Jafar, Mr. Everything, has to be happy the way things are going right now, and he knows his job is secure as long the team is winning.

And if the game plan returns to the Alex Smith version, expect to see some bombs completed by Kap and some big plays. I think Roman is in some ways way over his head changing the game plan in hopes of seeing good numbers by Kap. Roman should continue making the game plan as if it was actually for Alex and allow Kap to exploit it.

Make other teams think the offense looks like an Alex-ran offense. Kap would for sure have a big night. Instead, teams are predicting what Roman would create as a special game plan for Kap.

I think Roman's secret conspiracy is to make teams get used to Kap's style of play, only to call a play which guts the other team's insides. Just fatten them up only to slit them and let the other teams bleed.

Roman needs to open up the playcalling, because Kap is "Mr. Everything."

Just call him Jafar, as the genie can do everything and will grant you any wish.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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