Question: Do you like the 49er offensive style? If no, what type offense would you prefer?

And is your support of OC Roman only still intact because the team is winning? The reason why I'm asking is because on Bay area sports talk radio all this week I kept hearing the following:

"I need to see CK7 throw 3 TD's in a game".

"I need CK7 to throw deep several times in a game".

"I need CK7 to throw for 300 yards".

And this just wasn't fans, this was also many of the show's hosts. Now some fans and some of these sports talk hosts are blaming the lack of deep balls, consistent multiple passing TD games, and 300 yard games on Roman.

Here is what I'm trying to get at, I don't believe 49er fans like our current style of offensive play. Many are tolerating it because we are winning but most I think want a high octane passing offense. Now that we changed QB's, but the style and offensive stats haven't really changed some fans and sports talk hosts who were in support of the change appear to already be getting impatient.

These people are currently falling into two groups. The first group are concerned about the lack of production from CK7, especially his numbers when you remove the Bears game (which fall below Smith's output in all areas). They seem now to be inexplicably changing their minds on whether the change at QB was a good move. The other group believes that OC Roman has been the problem all along and CK7 is not being allowed to play to his strengths.

So again I ask, do you like the 49er offensive approach? I don't mean every little detail, I just mean the general approach. Personally, even though I was a fan through the glory years of Montana and Young, and grew up with a precision passing offense, I actually enjoy our offensive approach.

So the fact that CK7 hasn't thrown for 300 yards, or only has one multi passing TD game, and hasn't been chucking it deep doesn't bother me one bit. In fact it doesn't have any negative impact on my view of him as our current QB. I actually believe that because of CK7 superior arm that perhaps this 49er offense can in the future be as dominant as the the 1990's Dallas Cowboys offense.

In fact that is the style we most remind me of. Now we are missing some pieces, and we have some pieces that will have to be replaced almost immediately. For me, Crabtree has shown he has the potential to evolve into a Michael Irvin type threat. But currently we are missing an Alvin Harper to compliment him (Moss just hasn't seemed to pan out). In Davis we have a far more dangerous Jay Novaceck, as well as having Delanie Walker.

In Miller we have our potential Daryl Johnston. This is one guy I think we could use so much more in the passing game, but are really under utilizing him. I also believe our offensive line has developed into one of the best in the league, and even an ardent supporter of Smith such as myself can admit that Alex had more to do with the sacks he took than the OL in many cases. Troy Aikman also believes that our OL is comparable in talent and production to the one he played behind.

That now brings me to CK7. Though I feel Smith is better for us this season, I don't believe he would ever be able to be our Troy Aikman. But CK7 could be and he would also have the benefit of far superior elusiveness and rushing ability. What did Troy bring to the table and what was he asked to do? Troy often only put the ball in the air 17 to 23 times a game at most.

Well that is just like what Alex and CK7 are asked to do. Troy was often asked to create big plays down the field off of play action. That is how Alex normally got his big plays and I would expect the same to be true of CK7 once we have enough data on him. What was great about Troy was that he could make every throw in the book, he was accurate in all ranges, could win games with his arm if called upon, but understood what his role was.

But most of the time Emmit had the big numbers and Troy's were pedestrian. And that is why NFL fantasy football fan boys (who were in most cases kids or not even born when he played) don't think of Troy as an "ELITE" QB. Now obviously our Emmit Smith (Frank Gore) will have to be replaced "IMMEDIATELY" in order for us to continue this style of play.

But if we were able to replace Gore with someone capable of fulfilling his very large shoes, would you as fans be happy with that offensive style? And by happy I mean satisfied with it to the point that every time we lose a game, you don't then start talking about how we need a new QB, new OC, etc...etc...etc?

My gut tells me that a lot of the fan bases displeasure with our offense is just due to style and NOT substance.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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