Michael Crabtree: 'The sky is the limit' for the San Francisco 49ers

Jim Rogash

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree spoke to the media following the big Week 15 win. We discuss Crabtree's comments and more.

San Francisco 49ers wide out Michael Crabtree spoke to the media following the team's statement win over the New England Patriots in Week 15.

Crabtree has matured into one of San Francisco's marquee players. Similar to Vernon Davis, it seems to have taken the Niners' fourth-year receiver some time to come into his own. Crabtree had a big game against the Patriots onSunday Night Football, showing his ability as a complete pass-catcher.

He continued to hurt defenders after the catch, but also displayed his ability to catch the long ball. One of Crabtree's two scores on Sunday was a 38-yard dart from Colin Kaepernick between two defenders. Crabtree showed incredible focus on that play and throughout the match-up.

After the game, Crabtree talked about executing, fighting and trying to make a plays. He seemed optimistic about this offense's capability, especially since it's paired with such an incredible defense that continues to provide them with opportunities.

Crabtree talked about one of his catches -- a game-winner that gave the 49ers the lead back in the fourth quarter. Jim Harbaugh confirmed that is was a great read by the quarterback, as Crabtree was not the primary/intended receiver on that play design.

The 49ers WR informed the media on how he got Kaepernick to look his way instead: "Taking charge, like I said, I have to take advantage of everything they give to me. If it’s a 5-yard hitch, I got to make it happen. So you know, just took it…Kap trusted me and we made it happen."

It was great to see these two continue to find one another on the field. Crabtree was making his presence felt, working the Patriots secondary, which has received quite a bit of praise since acquiring Aqib Tailb. And having to outscore the league's No. 1 offense is no easy task, especially when your team is known for playing defensive football.

"[We] proved that we can win against a good offense, we can win a shootout. You know, whatever it takes, that's our motto. Came home with a W...I feel like we can do anything. The sky is the limit," Crabtree concluded.

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