Blame the Defense!

Really? We let the Rams score 16 points on us? Why isn't anyone talking about the horrendous display our defense put on today?

Sixteen points to the darn RAMS! People talk about the 49ers having an elite defense, well I just don't see it anymore to be honest. Steven Jackson ran all over us once again, Sam Bradford shredded our DBs once more, and our front four got absolutely no pressure! For now on just stop saying our defense is elite because it's not. You just don't just give up 16 points to the Rams and walk away thinking you're elite.

Aldon Smith only got one sack, just a poor effort all day. Justin Smith decided he would just completely stop the run and not the pass, you can blame him to for our loss. Willis and Bowman were owned in the run game. Not to mention Willis getting beat by the tight end on the 2-point conversion to let the Rams tie the game. You just don't let the Rams comeback from eight points down.

Dashon Goldson didn't want to make one big hit today, piss poor effort. Our whole secondary couldn't stop two rookie receivers, it looked like they were lining up Calvin and Andre Johnson against us. Bradford looked like the Alex Smith we came to love. Just an overall bad performance from our team defense. Wish I could rewind today and forget the game and go do something else.

OK, I OBVIOUSLY DON"T MEAN ANY OF THIS, JUST IN CASE THE SARCASM WASN'T EVIDENT, it just so many people are writing fan post after the game I had to put one up. We aren't a perfect team, you can't expect the greatest performance every game. Heck, you can't even expect good or average performances every game. This is the National Football League and all the teams in the league are gunning for us, especially our own division.

Yes, today was a bad game for our offense, but you can't crucify Harbaugh and Roman (and Kaepernick if you believe that). Head Coaches and their coaching staffs can't outsmart or out gameplan every team every game. That's just not how this game works. Teams will play us good and bad, just like we'll play other teams good and bad.

It was a bad game, hopefully our coaches and offense can get better, because that's all they can do, whining and complaining won't help them.

Hats off to our Defense, they played phenomenally today. We shut down Jackson in the run game and our DBs really were playing lights out. Let's hope they keep this air-tight, suffocating defense up.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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