Tough Front-Office Decisions: Trading Vernon and Keeping Delanie. Is That Even Worth Considering?

Wow, that sounds crazy. That's what you call unthinkable, unimaginable right?

To begin with, I personally don't want this to happen. Want I'm wondering is, is this a possible scenario for the 49ers this offseason. Read on and let me know what you think.

The 49ers need cap space if they want to sign and keep extending their young talent. Trading Vernon Davis and trading or releasing Alex Smith would give the 49ers plenty of cap space and surely some draft picks. I'm sure Davis's value around the league is really high, being one of the three best tight ends in the league. If the 49ers traded him it's almost guaranteed they'd get a high draft pick or picks.

Of course the front office would need some guts to even consider pulling the trigger on Davis and trading him somewhere,( which I don't want to happen) but I'm just wondering if this is even remotely possible? I mean, Davis is a world-class athlete: he has the height and speed of a receiver and the weight and power of a linebacker. It's just so frustrating to not see him put up big numbers.

Yes this is a team game and a run first offense, but why can't he have multiple seasons like 2010, or at least average 8-10 touchdowns a season, not five. He should be dominating on the field regardless. Don't give me the, he's being doubled excuse, because Calvin Johnson and Andre Johnson and Gronk and Jimmy all get doubled as well. (Ok that's total speculation, I have no stats backing up that statement). But come on, any coach would be absolutely dying to have Davis on their team. Why is Delanie Walker getting all of Davis's touches lately, why can't Davis get those?

What I'm trying to say is I'm sick of how we use Davis. He's a great blocker and a big time playmaker, but it seems like all he does is block. In my honest opinion, I think he'd rather be somewhere else. The only reason he's been quiet these past two seasons and being a team player is because we've been really close to a Superbowl. Go ahead and troll me but that's my opinion. This guy should be dominating the league, making his presence felt each and every week. I understand stats aren't the ultimate deciding factor of dominance, but can he at least show up on the stat sheet?

Obviously Walker isn't the same player as Davis, I'd be the first to say that, and I'm a huge Walker supporter. But like Davis, Walker is a great blocker, makes the tough catches and drops the easy ones (Vernon has better hands though), and is only a tenth of a second slower, which could actually be a lot, I'm not completely sure.

The thing is, getting cap space is priority number two for this team, number one being a superbowl. All I'm trying to say is do you think our front office is even considering trading Davis? That's it. For these next couple years, it'd be really nice having some extra cap space and draft picks lying around.

Down the road we have to extend Iupati and Anthony Davis just incase they get to expensive. If Baalke and Harbaugh like Goldson they got to sign him, not to mention Crabtree if he even wants to stay here. Soon enough our 2011 draft class will need extensions, but that's a far way out.

To keep teams together the front office will need to make tough choices. Is trading Davis and Smith apart of those tough decisions? I don't want Davis gone, but seeing as how we are using him, is it a possibility? Let me know what you think.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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