Can 49ers fans get some love?

Through thick and thin we have stuck by these Forty-Niners, watching them go down in flames time and time again. We cheered them on as they sacked Brett Favre in his New York green. Our hearts were broken when he came and sacked us back, wearing those purple devil horns. We went to the bottom with them, and though all we had to show for it was a shiny new Alex Smith, we stuck around.

Sure there were whiners and crazies among us. Some complaining was heard across the nation, and even some fighting among ourselves. But only because we care. We also laughed, and cried, and cheered, and yeah, sometimes we booed. But we never gave up hope. Never did we stop believing that our 49ers belong at the top of the standings. We never gave up hope that they would be there again soon.

As the 49ers began to rise back to the top, bucketfuls of bandwagon fans appeared out of nowhere and filled the stands. We somehow started to get a bad name. We are known as rude to our guests: our stadium has to be locked down because of gunplay. Death threats are hurled about on a far too regular basis. There are threats to some of the best the 49ers have to offer. Who would threaten the life of David Akers? No fan of our team.

It is no wonder 49er fans get no love. No one applauds us as the best 12th man in the league. We may be the most loyal fans there ever were, but we get no love from anyone.

I do not hear the love from the coaches. I hear no love from the players. I hear no love even from the media. And frankly, I couldn't blame them.

I wish it were different. Let's separate ourselves from these idiots who give us a bad rep. I want to hear the coaches and the players call my number. We are as much a part of the 49ers as Jed, Trent, Jim, the coaches, and all the players. We should be called on when our team needs our help, not chastised for making waves. We should be honored for our loyalty at the end of the season, not shamed by the comments of our thug band-wagoners.

I am proud to be a 49er fan and I want to see them all give us the love we deserve. Go out there and make me proud Niners Nation! Go out there and make me proud!

Do me a favor and please post here, or somewhere, all the love you see for us fans in the weeks to come. Lets come together as fans and try to earn as much love as we can get. We have more home games where we can prove ourselves! Post it here so we can watch it grow.


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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