Playoff's and the expectations.

Yee-haw! We're in the playoffs, and thanks to the Vikings we have a much needed bye-week. Time for the 49ers to get healed up and ready for whomever we play.

Congratulations to the teams that made it to the playoffs. That is no easy task.

Now, each team's fans want their team to make and win the Super Bowl. This post is in no way intended to insult any team or their fans. (I'll do the insulting in normal comments.) Now, saying that, what would be considered the expectation for each team? Expected to win at least one game, win their division, win the Super Bowl? Here is my sole opinion on each team.

Denver Broncos - Expectation: Make the Superbowl. Broncos are playing very well right now. Manning is just plain awesome. Defense is playing well. The road for the AFC goes through mile-high. Denver will be disappointed if they don't make it all the way, but are still very happy that they have a very good team who will compete for the next few years.

New England Patriots - Expectation: Make the Superbowl. New England is expected to win it all every year.

Houston Texans - Expectation: Make the AFC championship game. They are cold at the moment and need to start their engines. With this team, the D cannot win it on their own. Fans are tired of excuses; they want a Super Bowl. However, I don't expect them to make it that far with Denver in the way.

Baltimore Ravens - Expectation: Win a game. They will be a severe disappointment if they go one-and-done. However, they have had an O-coordinator change, and who knows how well Ray Lewis will run that D?

Indianapolis Colts - Expectation: Hey, we're in the playoffs! A young up-and-coming team who is already successful. I wouldn't be surprised if they won a game in the playoffs, but no shame if the team of rookies wait till next season for their SB run.

Cincinatti Bengals - Expecctation: Play well. Keep in the game. The question will be with the Steelers and the Ravens on the potential downswing, can they win the division next year?

Atlanta Falcons - Expectation: Win a frigging game! Prove the doubters wrong and justify their #1 seed.

San Francisco 49ers - Expectation: Win the Super Bowl. Why? One reason: the QB change. They have the talent. The only two questions: the injuries and the 3-game curse.

Green Bay Packers - Expectation: Make the Superbowl. Overcome their embarassment last year given by the Giants.

Washington Redskins - Expectation: We're here, we're really here! The Redskins are on a good win streak, and Morris looks like a dang good RB. RGIII is hurting a little though, and they are playing the Seahawks. Getting to the playoffs was better than most expected, and a win in the playoffs would be icing on the cake.

Seattle Seahawks - Expectation: Win a game. This team has the potential to go very far, but they have to play on the road. This team, who would have been a divisional winner in most other divisions this year, is a hot up-and-coming team. Dang nab it!

Minnesota Vikings - Expectation: Yee-haw! We're in the Playoffs! Oh crud, we're playing the Packers again...

Since I am just one fan, I would appreciate insight from others on this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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