DeafWriterJC's Thoughts Vol. 2

I guess we all are still feeling stunned that the St. Louis Rams owns the San Francisco 49ers (I am egocentrically speaking after the fact they ended in a virtual tie in the first match-up) since they out-thinked the 49ers and even thanked for gift-wrapped miscues to put under the Rams' Christmas tree; it explains why some people hate Christmas. I am putting in a Grinch-stole-Christmas story, so you can leave cookies by the fireplace for Grinch.

It was so bad, the coaching on the 49er side, that the Rams' coach Fisher even wondered out loud in front of hawking reporters eager to secure the cherry pickings of a abysmal story: "I don't understand the play-call" where it called for 1st-year starter Kaepernick to make that wild fling to Ginn which was a very risky play to call (in those circumstances).

When a head coach from an opposing team questions the logic of a play-call, then the game got bent out of shape starting with the poor coaching and finishing with poor execution, or failed execution.

Jim Harbaugh earned the respect of NFL players and coaches and won the NFL coach of the year award. But it appears some head coaches are murmuring among themselves over some questionable play calls or play challenges. It doesn't mean Harbaugh is the laughingstock of the league yet.

Although Harbaugh has a lot of college coaching experience, he is still going through a NFL learning curve as head coach of the 49ers, and the newly anointed starter "Kap" is also going through the learning curve.

Many NFL insiders including former 49er alumni all say they are impressed with Kap. When you showcase a young player with so much upside, there is no going back..which poses the question of Alex Smith's fate.

I personally believe they will keep both quarterbacks going forward because I believe we all heard Harbaugh say he likes both quarterbacks and what they both bring to the table as Niner quarterbacks. Common sense tells us it totally falls on Smith to make the decision- either he stays on as back-up or he bides his time this season hoping to win the starting job back from Kap.

Or he gets traded to another team, ultimately.

Why did the 49ers decide to go with Kaepernick if Smith won 19 games for them since last season?

Well, the 49ers drafted Kaepernick as the quarterback of the future. They figured, Smith had concussions, it was time to put Kap in there and see if he can finish the season on a winning note and steer the team towards the National Football League Championship game. The team vision towards winning another Super Bowl requires putting Kap in and seeing if he can take the team that far. The only way to find out is to play Kap and finding the right quarterback to lead the team to the Super Bowl is a long-term experimentation.

Only that Alex Smith took so long, which made it an easier decision to suddenly put Kap in. Theoretically, the 49ers didn't want to exhaust Kap's patience in the event they played out Smith's contract by letting him stay on as starter. It was just time for the changing of the guard, so to speak.

It also means Kap will be under the microscope, if he loses a game, fans will question the move to bench Smith. Fans could be calling for Smith's return if they lose the next couple of games. Kap must win the rest of the season to give the fans confirmation that making Kap the starter was a genius move, not an impulsive boneheaded move.

Then again, maybe Harbaugh knows that in starting Kaepernick now the run to Super Bowl might have to wait until next year. He is taking a gamble. Smith proved last year he can take the team within an inch of the Super Bowl. While Kap is a very exciting player, he is unproven commodity.

While Harbaugh exercises patience with his plans in full effect, will the fans be patient?

I think not, especially not after 7 years with Smith. For us fans, the time is NOW.

That is why, I personally as a fan, am biting hard nervously while watching how the new Kap starting role turns out. I don't just want a good athletic quarterback who can mimic the play of RG3 or Cam Newton but one that can lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Even if that means putting in an "elite game manager" like Smith to accomplish the objective, then let it be. But that is not going to happen. Smith will probably rather play for another team after being sidelined like that. Smith will have other believers willing to take a chance on him.

I just can't wait to see the 49ers deliver kicks to Fisher's belly, Coughlan's belly, and Frazier's belly. And all the bellies of every other head coach that doesn't wear the 49er logo on game days.

Because, all their bellies will gloat over questionable playcalling by Harbaugh and Greg Roman and the failed execution even when the right playcall is made.

You know how bellies shake uncontrollably in glee and we want to shut that up.

It might take ripped abs to do that, and that's Kap's.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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