Not fussed about No Hawk and no Rogers aint no stress

but if I don't get me some Brooks next season I might not be happy. Ok now I appreciate in the current climate that might be seen as provocative. In the 2 weeks following the loss in the NFC championship I was part of the 'Gotta keep Rogers' fanclub and a paid up member of the 'Goldson is THE GAME' bandwagon.

And then the Superbowl rolled around

Since that game and the, lets face it, comedy secondaries on show, sure Aaron Ross has some game and yeah Philips but yeeeuch did you see the state of the Patriots secondary - IN THE SUPERBOWL!! still believe high price DB's are necessary to get there?

Oh yes now I remember they have that stellar offense so they didn't need to worry about the D. but seriously you gotta have something going on back there back there or any Tom, Dick or Mark Sanchez could throw for a bundle o yards and a bunch of TD's and keep up with Tom Terrific. The Patriots had a bunch of street free agents, other teams rejects and a WR playing coverage. then theres the Giants and what really was really a big difference in the Superbowl the New York Pass Rush, there may have been a couple of sacks for New England but the Gints were all up and in Brady's face, apart from 2 series Justin Tuck, Umenyora, Kiwanuka and of course JPP were making life super difficult.

Now that got me to thinking, and I had a little look around the league and decided that you can keep your 'Nmadi Asamougha of whereaya gone' and your rookie impact corner/punt return Patrick Peterson and his almost an impact season (dude can return punts but I believe coverage has been questioned and the Crads made it so deep into the, no wait the Niners owned the NFC West). Give me some badass Pass rushers and I reckon you can scheme a bunch of semi decent corners (ok decent corners but not necessarily elite) into success,

Brooks last season got like 7.5 sacks but I read where he also got credited with a whole bunch of QB pressures and he was solid in the run game, and serviceable in coverage if not spectacular - remember this is the guy who stayed in when Aldon Smith got on the field. He is also the quietest of the trio I have mentioned here and after a shakey start to his NFL career seems well in tune with the Harbaugh Chorus. Of course I am 5,000 miles away and may be missing stuff.

But I'd say if you are going to pay money out somewhere give it to Brooks and get in some serviceable DBs - don't have to be spectacular but hard working cautious and patient, stick with their receivers, play coverage well, let the front 7 get the pressure and the mistakes will happen. also you won't get owned by Larry Fitzgerald as you try to make a play.

Now I like Rogers and I like Goldson, well Goldson is ok, I worry he gives up a few more big plays than he makes but still he's ok (certainly better than many). If they come back for the right money I will be Captain Happy but this defense got interceptions for guys who are no names like Brown and Culliver (as far as the rest of the world is concerned dudes are awesome from my point of view) so if your spending the money, spend on Brooks or an upgrade at that position but don't pay out for Rogers or Goldson - there better places to spend that cash

Now I have done arguing my point I guess it is time for you all to tell me how I is a Brit and got it all wrong but I think the point stands.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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