Free Agency, the Draft, and Kendall Hunter

Like most Faithful, I pretended not to watch the Super Bowl. The repeated stings of what-ifs and Come on Williams! shouts finally faded and I watched some of the Giant's win. It was pretty uneventful until a nice end of the fourth quarter where both teams seemed to have a chance at victory.

Which brings up this painful reverberating sentence: YES, the Niners probably would have won that game. The pace and tone of the game reminded me of most of the games they played this year A low scoring, tight, defensive battle that ultimately came down to a couple of plays. The better team won that game.

Sadly, the best TEAM was sitting down watching that stinkfest. Grr. Coulda, woulda, shoulda......

Let us not forget the 49ers were 14-4 this year. An incredible season that 30 other teams would have loved to have been a part of. If not for a couple of late game secondary breakdowns, they would have been 15-1. (They had a tough draw in the Raven's game, but a loss is a loss and they were outplayed.) Yes, they had some lucky breaks (or was that skill?) Overall the team made huge strides in becoming relevant again.....east coast bias aside.

So the question becomes how does this team make the next step?

After reaching the NFC Championship game, (no easy task) the only logical next step is the Super Bowl. Not just making it, (Tom Brady) but actually putting trophy number six in the cabinet. What pieces of the puzzle are missing?

The areas this team needs to improve upon have been well documented lately on this site and by people much smarter than me. We all have ideas as to who they should draft, who they should resign, and what Free agents they should aggressively pursue. Oh, and juggle the 30 million or so of cap room they have AND keep the chemistry AND build on the success of 2011. Easy right?

No, it is not easy. That is why the team has a GM, a gifted head coach, and a front office full of people way smarter than us to make these agonizing decisions. They proved that they have the skill in making these moves......the success of 2011 proved that beyond a doubt. There were a couple of missteps....(Ronald Johnson or Braylon Edwards anyone?) Overall, they have given us fans a team that is going to be good for many years to come.

Is a championship is our future? I trust that it is. As fans, all we can do is sit back and let the decision makers do what they do this offseason. Let them work that voodoo that they do. And they do it well.

After all, it isn't politics or anything......they aren't trying to select who is to lead this nation for the next four years.

No, it is way more important than that.

Here we go Faithful.......take a deep breath. Get comfortable in that chair. Grab your favorite beverage and get ready for the ride. It should be a fun one.

One more thing: Can we pleeeeeze get the ball in the hands of Kendall Hunter more? Gawd.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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