Kaepernick vs. Smith

Every NFL quarterback has pro's and con's. Some examples:

Drew Brees

Pro's-Most efficient passer in the league.

Con's-Plays aggressive througout game. Resulting in costly interceptions

Tom Brady

Pro-One of, if not the smartest QB's ever.

Con-Cannot scramble to avoid pressure.


So the talk of NN is all about Colin Kaepernick's future and whether he will be the next Joe Montana. San Francisco's QB is currently Alex Smith, the efficient yet conservative player. Here are Kaepernick and Smiths final college season stats.


Year-Senior 2010

Attempts-359 Completions-233 Completion Percentage-64.9%

TD-21 INT-8


Year-Junior 2004

Attempts-317 Completions-214 Completion Percentage-67.5

TD-32 INT-4

The stats don't really look like there is any comparison between these two QB's. Smith has a better completion % and a far better TD:INT ratio. But Kaepernick shares the D1 record for most rushing TD's as a QB with 59, and is the only QB to throw for 10,000 and run for 4,000 in the history of the NCAA. Him along with Tim Tebow and Cam Newton are the only QB's to throw for 20 TD's and run for 20 TD'S in the one season.

So if you're arguing about who's better you really can't say right now. Smiths college stats don't even compare to his NFL stats (besides this past year) and we all know that most NCAA QB's that are dual-threat players don't necessarily translate to super-stars in the NFL. Here are some points to argue for/against one of the two SF QB's.

Smith vs. Kaepernick





Strong NCAA careers


Proven (2011)

Mobile QB's

Little playing time

Multiple Offensive coordinators

Similar offenses in college

Physically dominant

Lacked confidence

Confident with himself

Harbaugh’s pick

Both had good college coaches

May have angered Harbaugh with comments

Urban Meyer

Neil Ault

I know that I am anticipating Colin's first full season as a starter. But next year i really think that Smith should get the nod. He proved he fits the complicated offense. But i think it would be a huge mistake to wait three years for Kaep to start. If the 49ers lock up the division and a high seeding CK should get some much needed playing time, that way we can see what he'll be like.

I know that I can read all of these articles about the offseason, QB controversy and such with confidence because of the man at the wheel. Jim Harbaugh. Looks like its going to be a very long offseason, its only February. Wow.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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