WR issues!

Read a post about niners just keeping things the way they are and not getting a big name WR in Fa or drafting a WR in the first round. Here is my opinion.

I have definitely thought of picking up a FA since there's so many of them this year and drafting one the first round. But then who will get bummed down on the depth chart order?

I would definitely be happy with

1. Crabtree

2. Morgan

3. Williams

4. Ginn

Only problem is if there's an injury we would get screwed at the WR position like the end of this year. Edwards was a total waste and the Morgan's injury was a heartbreaker. Just when I started to fall in love with him, he got hurt. I knew as soon as Morgan went down that it would kill us later in the season, he was looking like he was right about to have a breakout season. Once Alex got comfortable with the offense, Morgan would have been another threat and would of gotten plenty of catches and also would have opened things up for Crabs and VD.

The point is we need to get bowe or stevie(or another FA, theres plenty to choose from) I perfer stevie since he's young, fast, and has good hands. Yea i know he had that one huge drop two year ago but the way fitz throws the ball sometimes, you definitely need good hands to catch it. Fitz sometimes is a split image of farve. Guns the ball in there 100 miles an hour, that definitely has to hurt in the cold Buffalo winter. Plus he's from the bay area i heard. He could come for alittle cheaper to the niners just so he can be home, away from the cold. Also I hope Donte Whitner had some sort of relationship with Stevie so he can lure him to SF.

Then we also need to draft Alshon Jefferies in the first round if he's there and if not wait to get Adams or Sanu (if he drops that low or maybe just get him in the second) in the third. Injuries are unpredictable but I rather be prepared for them next year unlike this year. Swain was our option when our guys went down, and I'm not trying to see that happen again in 2012.

As for the niners end up doing in the end. I can say that I'm 110% confident that they will make all the right decisions. Balkee and Harbaugh are football gods lol. Trent makes all the right decision in FA and the draft. Even though Edwards was a total bust, it was still good decision. It was a cheap risk that didn't work out.

Harbaugh is a great coach, who knows how to build a great supporting staff around him. He knows it's not all on him but instead its a group effort between the whole staff. Plus the guys seem like they love playing for him. I hope other players see that also and decide to put on a niners jersey next year (stevie!). The energy of the players has definitely changed and you can tell that a era in niners history has just begun.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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