Let's break down players from the college team(s) we follow

Fooch's Note: This is a great idea. In fact, if we want to try and formalize this a bit more, one option would be for folks to email me directly and we can organize various FanPosts that I'd be happy to move to the front page. There are obviously biases when talking about a school you follow, but that adds to the fun of the discussion. I'll post a separate front page reminder later, but for now, if you have a school you follow and could put together this kind of depth in a FanPost, shoot me an email.

I thought it would be a good idea to break down players from the college team(s) we're familiar with as fans to let others know about guys you've seen play a good bit. Obviously there might be some bias due to homeristic tendencies, but I'll do my best (and I hope everyone will too) to be as fair as possible. Now I'm a Razorback fan, but also follow Arkansas State very well, so I'll do these two schools. I'm going to be using CBS Sports for 40 times and size.

Arkansas Razorbacks:

Joe Adams, WR/PR

He generated a lot of buzz after a certain punt return against Tennessee, and that was one of 4 this season. He is incredibly quick and runs a sub 4.4. He has good hands, isn't incredibly polished as a receiver. Didn't do as well after a good 2010 season, but was still productive going up against SEC defenses. He played extremely well as a receiver at the Senior Bowl which has helped his stock a lot. I've heard he did incredibly well in 1 on 1 drills. I've seen him going as high as the 2nd round in mocks, but I suspect he'll go mid 3rd-4th. His stock could keep rising though.

Would I draft him? Yes. He is a great punt returner and has the quickness, hands, and speed to be a great slot receiver. We could very well be letting Ginn walk, and Adams would be a great replacement.

Jarius Wright, WR

The number 1 receiver for the Hogs had 1117 yards receiving, 66 receptions, and 12 TDs this year. He was incredibly fun to watch in college. Wright was more productive every season he played for the Razorbacks. One knock on him is he kind of disappeared in the LSU and Alabama games (the only 2 games AR lost). He's undersized (only weighs 176, 5'10'' or 5'9''). Peformed well in the East/West shrine game, but his weigh in hurt him. He's just as fast or faster than Joe Adams and is a better receiver. Wright is not a return guy, however. Bit harder to predict where he'll go.

Would I draft him? Depends. If he's there in the late fourth or fifth and we haven't drafted a receiver, then sure. His size scares me off him a bit, but he's a good receiver and guys have succeeded in the NFL being his size.

Greg Childs, WR

Oh, man Greg Childs. I've actually been around him and know him a bit, and he is big. 6'3'' 215 and looks every bit of it. He probably would have left early had he not got hurt in 2010 and I think he could have very well gone in the first or second; however, he did get injured, then had problems again this year. This has him around the 6th to undrafted category. He is freakishly athletic and is a good 40 time from certainly going back into the draft. CBS has him at a 4.56, and I'm pretty sure he can run faster than that. It all depends on how healthy he looks. Walterfootball said he looked good in the East/West practices. If he can show he's fully recovered from his surgery, a team could be getting a steal in the late rounds.

Would I draft him? Yep. Even better if he's a UDFA. If he doesn't show he's fully recovered, that would shy me off, but such a late pick isn't a huge investment.

Jake Bequette, DE

This 6'5'' 264 DE has been going up draft boards lately, and I'm not entirely sure why. He's not especially athletic and had some injury problems. He produced on the field in college, but I just don't think he can do it at an NFL level. I see some places have him going in the 4th or 5th, and I just don't see him being a prospect deserving of going that high. He is smart and a great guy that never got in trouble. He could be a 3-4 DE if he put on bulk. Struggles to get push against offensive linemen sometimes, which is a must if he plans to be a 3-4 DE.

Would I draft him? No. He's better as a 4-3 DE and I don't think he has the skill set to fit our scheme.

Tramain Thomas, FS

Has a penchant for making the big play (5 picks this year), but isn't particularly fast (4.6 speed on CBS). Good tackler, very experienced starter. When I look at him, I don't see anything we don't already have. Nothing really to talk about, but he'll get drafted by someone around the 5th round.

Would I draft him? No. Don't see anything in him we don't already have or can get from a free agent.

Jerry Franklin, ILB

Franklin is probably my favorite defensive player out of these. He is quick, and could play ILB or be a 3-4 OLB. Like all of these Razorback defenders, is incredibly experienced with a lot of starts under his belt. He is capable of running a mid-4.5. Great tackler with a nose for the football. One amazing thing he did was return a fumble recovery 90+ yards to avoid a huge upset against Vanderbilt. Clutch play. He's looking at going as high as the late 3rd and as low as the 6th. Really hard to project a lot of these guys since it's just flat out tough to project mid-round prospects. Different sites say different rounds.

Would I draft him? Yes. If Grant walks, or if the coaching staff sees him as someone who can be good depth and potential future starter at OLB, then I'd love to get him.

Broderick Green, HB/FB

He was a transfer from USC that never took off here. He blows. He's like a worse Anthony Dixon. Big guy that likes to dance around in the backfield instead of hitting the hole. I don't suspect he'll get drafted, but some team might get him as a UDFA. I hope it's not us. Strangely decided to actually play well for our Cotton Bowl game.

Would I draft him? **** no.

Arkansas State Red Wolves

Demario Davis, OLB

Smart guy with good character. Athletic enough to succeed, but will need to bulk up (6'3'', 230). Was a big play guy for the Red Wolves and consistent. Played against the lower level competition in the Sun Belt, but did perform well. Made some All Sun Belt teams during his tenure. I think he could be a good pass rusher from the 3-4 OLB position, but he was a 4-3 OLB in college. Isn't some freak athlete like Aldon or Manny however. Could go in the 7th, but will definitely be signed if he doesn't.

Would I draft him? Maybe. If we hadn't taken any OLB depth in the draft and addressed needs such as WR and offensive line, I would see no problem with it. He'd have a nice chance to make the team.

Kelcie McCray, SS

Quick, athletic, good height (6'2'', 195), another player that might want to add a few pounds. Soft hands that can reel in balls. Shouldn't miss many tackles, but won't kill anyone either. Should be drafted in 7th like Davis, but will definitely get signed if he doesn't.

Would I draft him? Yes. We need saftey depth and McCray is a bit of a tweener that could play either position. Has potential, but would need work; however, what 7th round guy wouldn't?


There are more guys from both schools, but I doubt we'll ever hear much of them leading up to the draft or afterward. The main guys out of this group I'd want our staff to look long and hard at are all the Razorback WRs (especially Adams and Childs). Franklin and McCray as well. If I had to pick one guy we would get, it would probably be Adams. Childs is especially tempting though seeing as we could get him as late as an UDFA and not have to spend a pick on him; however, his injury history and not being an amazing PR makes me think Adams could add more to our team at this point.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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