Post Combine 49ers 7 round mock draft

Greetings fellow Niner fans. Here is an updated 49ers 7 round mock draft post combine. Baalke and co. have done their homework at the combine, Ahmad Brooks is locked up, things are beginning to fall into place. It is also beginning to look more and more probable that they will give Dashon Goldson the franchise tag. If this is the case, I have a feeling Carlos Rogers get his walking papers. Alex Smith still needs to be signed for probably around 6-8 million a year, this just will not leave very much room for Rogers if the 49ers plan to have any fun in Free Agency. With that, make the jump and we will begin the draft.

30th Pick-DL-Kendall Reyes- The Niners would like to go WR here, but Stephen Hill's great combine will lead to him being drafted before the pick. Players like Sanu just don't have the speed to take the top off of the defense. Reyes is a beast who will be able to work into the D-line rotation right away. Standing at 6'4" and weiging 295, he will be able to play anywhere along the line. Last year our D-line played with almost no rotation. Adding Reyes will keep everyone fresh, making them that much more effective. Also, being able to play behind and alongside Justin Smith for a few years will be a huge benefit. I see Reyes as an eventual replacement to Justin Smith at DE, hopefully that wont happen for a long time. He played primarily at DT at Connecticut so he could potentially bulk up and take over for Isaac Sopoaga if need be.

62nd Pick-CB-Trumaine Johnson-This is becoming such a popular pick among 49er mock drafts that there is probably no way it will work out. Being a Montana native myself, I figured I had to pick him here as well. Off the field problems have kept him from shooting up the draft board. He had a disappointing 40 time, but watching him play on film leaves no doubt about his speed. He has very fluid hips for his 6'3" frame. He is strong and has good instincts. His potential is out of this world, and should he reach it in full, he could become a dominant shut down corner. Facing Larry Fitzgerald two times a year, having a big physical corner becomes even more beneficial. Worst case scenario he is moved to safety where he can use his physical style to crush opposing wide receivers.

94th Pick-WR-Tommy Streeter- Another guy with virtually unlimited upside. Coming out of Miami, Streeter stands at 6'5" and ran a 4.40 in the 40 at the combine. It was a bit of a surprise he decided to enter the draft this year, as he could easily be a first round pick should he have stuck around one more year. His route running is a little unpolished at this point, but he has shown dedication to the game by working with coaches during the offseason to work on this aspect of his game. He has great hands, and will prove to be a viable redzone and deep threat option right away.Over time as his route running develops, he will be integrated more into the overall offense.

127th Pick-RB-Cyrus Gray- This Texas A&M running back is a perfect fit for the west coast offense. While slightly undersized, he still has a very physical style. He breaks through arm tackles and bounces off of larger piles. He also spent significant time in the slot receiving passes for the Red Raiders. His pass blocking is also top notch as Texas A&M was a past first team. His size and overall skill set makes me think of Maurice Jones Drew. With Gore nearing the end very soon, Gray will combine with Kendall Hunter to form a strong 1-2 punch for years to come.

161st Pick-OL-Donald Stephenson- Stephenson played tackle at Oklahoma, but is probably suited more for guard in the NFL. Standing tall at 6'6, 312, he will probably bulk up a little bit more. This represents a great value pick as he will be able to play both guard and tackle. The Niners may look for an O-lineman earlier depending on where Adam Snyder ends up signing.

197th pick-OL-Marcus Zusevics- Another big multi dimensional tackle at 6'5, 300 pounds. This is primarily a depth pick. Zusevics can play all 5 positions along the line, he has a limited ceiling, but also a limited floor, meaning he is a fairly sure bet to make an NFL roster, but will probably not develop into a full time starter. Players like this are nice to have knowing you can throw them anywhere along the line in a pinch.

232nd pick-SS-Delano Howard-I always struggle to pick players coming out of Stanford. Something tells me Harbaugh will not take his old players unless he feels EXCEPTIONALLY good about them. I just think bringing in his old players could give current players the impression that the Stanford guys get better treatment, even if that is in no way the case. Regardless, Howard represents good value this deep in the draft.

Many of you are probably surprised I have only one receiver being drafted. I think the receiver position is not as dire as it appears. Josh Morgan will be back, and I think he will finally develop into a solid started, probably #2, potentially #1. Crabtree will finally get an offseason in which will boost his ability to contribute to the offense. Kyle Williams (forget the playoffs) will continue to develop, and Ted Ginn hopefully will stick around and provide help on offense here and there. Throw in a tall fast Streeter and that seems like a pretty complete group to me.

Baalke and Harbaugh seem content with our DB situation. If Rogers walks, Brown and Culliver will take over the starting slots. It would not surprise me if we look to get a CB in free agency in similar fashion to last year, waiting out the rush of big contracts, then landing a good player who did not get the contract they want.

It is also very possible that the Niners decide they need a bigger upgrade at O-line and use a high pick to grab a quality guard, or a tackle in which case Anthony Davis would be moved over to guard. I am still holding out hope that Davis will become a beast at tackle as he is still just so young.

OK, time to hear from you guys. If this ended up being our draft, how would you feel about it?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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