Stevie Johnson to SF?

For the 49ers, their offseason started right after Lawrence Tynes kicked the game winning field goal at Candlestick two Sundays ago. There are many flaws that one could draw from the game, third down conversion rate, lack of red-zone appearances etc. But i think we all know the biggest flaw. The wide receivers. Kyle Williams obviously is getting the most scrutiny but his mistakes were made on the special teams side of the ball, not the offensive. Michael Crabtree is getting a lot too, and i think he deserves some of it. But how can a wide receiver deliver mind boggling stats when he is targeted under 10 times?

San Francisco's biggest concerns this offseason are obviously the receiving corps, and, get ready, their defense. Yes their defense. When a team has this good of a year they should always try and improve it or at least maintain it. The 49ers MVP Justin Smith, is really their only defensive concern for age, but don't be surprised if Harbaugh takes another lineman or linebacker in the early rounds.

As for the receivers. The draft can never prove to be that helpful therefor the niners must look to get big help from free agency. They made that attempt last season by signing Braylon Edwards. We all know how that turned out. Here are all of the free age wide receivers available, with potential ranking and probability of signing 1-10.

Reggie Wayne

Potential 7-Reggie probably only has one or two more solid years.

Probability 5-The Colts will probably look to re-sign him, either for a good target for Luck or for obvious reasons with Peyton.

Wes Welker

Potential 9-Wes is a perfect fit for the 49ers. Good hands, quick and a smart veteran.

Probability 3-No question that the Pats will re-sign him, especially after leading the league in receptions.

Vincent Jackson

Potential 8-Although i think Wayne is a better receiver than Jackson, i think Vincent has at least 4 more years left.

Probability 7-The Chargers aren't very high on the Rivers horse. Don't think Jackson is their first priority either.

Desean Jackson

Potential 7-I'm not that big with Jackson, too cocky for me. He's sure fast though, niners could use a deep threat.

Probability 7-Most people would say never just because he's so young. But he's a pain in the ass when it comes to contracts. I don't think he'll end up in San Fran though. I don't think Jim Harbaugh needs another Crabtree.

Dwayne Bowe

Potential 8-Of all the receivers so far i think Bowe has the best future. He's strong big,moderately fast, and i think he's reaching his prime. An asset that the 49ers don't posses what so ever besides VD.

Marques Colston

Potential 8-Colston's big. Wow. Great hands too. Niners could use him he's a solid receiver (with Brees at the helm). A few question marks with him.

Probability 5-I think the Saints will sign their MVP and his #1 target, they both like the DOME.

Steve Johnson

Potential 8-A strong #2 or #3 target. Good fit for the Niners. Good mix of speed and hands. Also only in his 4th year.

Probability 8-I think Harbaugh likes this kind of player. A lot like Crabtree but Johnson is used to middle-of-the-pack QB's with Fitz.

Brandon Lloyd

Potential 9-Yes. I think Lloyd is a solid #1 guy. Although he is a little old. Led NFL in receiving 2 years ago.

Probability 8-It's going to be interesting. I can say one thing very confident. Lloyd will end up in the NFC west. But where?

Robert Meachem

Potential 7-Meachem is just a playmaker simple as that. We all say the Brees-interception-Meachem-strip-return-for-touchdown play a few years back. 49ers need another playmaker.

Probability 6-There is a great probability that Meachem leaves NO this year. Signing Colston and Brees is their biggest concern, but landing in SF, doubtful. But hey if i told u before this season the 49ers would end up second in the NFC would u call me crazy?

Mario Manningham

Potential 7-True definition of Dark Horse. After dropping the potential game winner in week 10 at the Stick, Mario caught the take-the-lead score late in the game. Good deep threat as well.

Probability 7-Like Meachem, Manningham i think will leave his team this offseason only if, they lose the Super Bowl. The Giants i think will try to keep their "Jet Blue" corps if they win though.

Mike Wallace

Potential 10-The stat potential is the potential in the 49ers offense, in this case Wallace fits perfectly. True speed demon. Wallace also comes from a similar offensive scheme in Pitt, smashmouth football.

Probability 7.5-The offseason is going to be interesting in Steelerville this year. A lot of questions after they got TEBOW-ED! One true question. Does Wallace want out?

Other players:

Early Doucet (ARZ)*
Harry Douglas (ATL)*
Eric Weems (ATL)
Roscoe Parrish (BUF)
Legedu Naanee (CAR)
Earl Bennett (CHI)*
Roy Williams (CHI)*
Andre Caldwell (CIN*)
Jerome Simpson (CIN)
Eddie Royal (DEN)*
Rashied Davis (DET)
Maurice Stovall (DET)
Bryant Johnson (HOU)
Pierre Garcon (IND)*
Anthony Gonzalez (IND)
Jerheme Urban (KC)
Devin Aromashodu (MIN)
Bernard Berrian (MIN)
Greg Camarillo (MIN)
Deion Branch (NE)*
Matt Slater (NE)
Domenik Hixon (NYG)
Devin Thomas (NYG)
Plaxico Burress (NYJ)*
Derek Hagan (OAK)
Chaz Schilens (OAK)
Steve Smith (PHI)*
Jerricho Cotchery (PIT)
Patrick Crayton (SD)
Braylon Edwards (SF)*
Ted Ginn (SF)*
Josh Morgan (SF)*
Mike Sims-Walker (STL)
Micheal Spurlock (TB)
Donnie Avery (TEN)
Kevin Curtis (TEN)
Lavelle Hawkins (TEN)
Donte' Stallworth (WAS)*

*-Legit potential prospects who fit at least one attribute of the 49er criteria and could make a difference.

Theres a lot of questions in the 49er passing game. Luckily, the NFL and the NCAA have a lot of answers. I think the 49ers should spend their first round pick on SCAR WR Alshon Jeffery, and pick up a "vet" to lead the charge. Of all the top receivers available i think the 49ers should press the hardest to reel in:

1. Dwayne Bowe-DB's talent is going to absolute waste in KC with the horrendous QB situation. Bowe can catch, run the deep ball relatively well, and is nearing his prime.Now I'm not saying Alex Smith is gonna make Bowe a pro-bowler. No. Jim Harbaugh will. Crabtree will. Alex Smith needs him. Harbaugh needs him. Michael Crabtree needs him. The 49ers need him too.

2. Mike Wallace-Don't get worked up for him, but it would be amazing for him to land in SF. Welker would too but the odds of that happening are so low. The 49ers lacked a spark this year. Well mo-hawked Wallace has that.

3. Steve Johnson/Brandon Lloyd- I put these two together because they both posses the same skill set. Good hands, moderate speed, and at least a few years under their belt. The better prospect for the 49ers is Johnson. Years younger and getting better. But take in to play that Lloyd spend his first three years in the NFL with the Niners.

4. Mario Manningham-A microscopic edge over Meachem here. I give Mario the edge because win or lose, Manningham will be coming off a Super Bowl appearance, so that should provide some confidence, which is what he lacked for most of the season.

5. Robert Meachem- Like Wallace, Meachem is an offensive spark. He's fast and like Manningham and Wallace he has played in a Super Bowl. 49ers lost the big game primarily from special teams and poor wide receivers. In their biggest game, the WRs flinched. Well theirs three free WR who have all played in the biggest game.

Alternate- If the niners end up with none of these players (GOD FORBID) i think a smart and beneficial alternate is veteran Deon Branch. Ya feel me? Deon won the Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP, he's smart and he can make this team better.

I'm really high on Bowe or Wallace and their talents, but i don't know about the odds of them landing here


49ers will re-sign some WRs and then they will pick up Steve Johnson.

(Vote for who u think will, comment who u most want to or any other suggestions)

Thank you for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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