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Hi everybody since our previous draft thread manager is now gone Fooch has given me the privilege to write them. So do you know what that means? IT MEANS I HAVE ALL THE POWER IN THE WORLD, but then I realized that I live in an itty bitty tiny space called the dorms. I also need you guys to do me a favor by recing this post. Otherwise people won't be able to see it and the post will get lost.

Also we have a few rules on this thread. #1 this is about the NFL draft so if you want to ask if it is ok to cry during a Disney movie I would recommend that you go here. Rule #2 is to remain civil that means no personal attacks or breaking site decorum. So essentially the rules that you have to follow on the front page works on here too.

So now that you reced the post and the read the rules lets move on to the fun stuff. So after the jump I have posted a 49ers seven round mock draft. Next time will either be a first round mock draft including 32 teams or a big board. So if you have any opinions as to what I should do just write it in a comment.

I have projected a trade that the Niners in this draft. The trade is that the Niners will give up their 1st (#30) and their 3rd (#94) to the Bengals for their 1st round pick (#21).

1st round (#21): Peter Konz C/G Wisconsin - Video #1 Video #2

Why spend another first round pick on an O-Lineman? Because our QB, like every other QB in the entire world, plays better when he doesn't have to run for his life. We also do not have a starting Right Guard on our roster unless you expect Kilgore to step in. So we would need to either go to FA for his replacement or draft someone to fill the gap in now. Thankfully Konz is athletic enough to play Guard. Goodwin is also 33 years old and has two years remaining on his contract. I doubt he will offer him another contract and it would be nice to stop someone from digging a hole instead of having to fill it.

2nd round (#62): Harrison Smith S Notre Dame - Video #1

In the video highlighted above we get to see a lot of things from Smith. We get to see him cover TEs and RBs, play the run and blitz the QB. He plays with a high motor always running towards the ball and when he covers he does his job well.

3rd round: Traded away

4th round (#126): Adrian Hamilton DE/OLB Prairie View A&M - Video #1 (sorry for the highlight tape it was hard to find anything else)

Hamilton put up 20.5 sacks this year in the FCS. Only two other players were able to put that type of numbers and they were Robert Mathis and Chris Gocong. Some might bring up that the level of competition is poor but 20 sacks is hard to do at any level. MTD just did a scouting report on him and I would recommend that you guys go there to read what they have to say about him. I also believe that Brooks will not return for the 2012 season so it will be important to grab a DE for the nickel and a future starter.

5h round (#158):Donnie Fletcher CB Boston College (sorry could only find one video and it was horrible)

Fletcher is one of the rare Boston College DBs that have received a mid round grade from the NFL. From everything that I read/saw Fletcher has decent ball skills and plays against the run well. His biggest debate when talking about Fletcher is his straight line speed. But thankfully we have the combine and his pro day to see it. As for his size Fletcher is long and lanky measuring in at the senior bowl at 6'0 2/8s and 201 lbs. He will compete for the #4 or #5 CB position as the first three are safe assuming we resign Rogers.

6th round (#190): Chris Rainey HB/WR Florida - Video #1 (not big enough of a prospect to find any other video)

His speed is amazing. Although he did not produce like he would hope to have hoped to. He is still scary athletic. He wants to run a 4.1 40 at the combine. If Rainey pans out we got ourselves a good player if he doesn't then oh well its a sixth round pick.

7th round (#222): Derek Moye WR Penn State (no luck at all)

Moye is the leading WR for Penn State and according to cbs sports is 6'4. Of course he is probably not that tall but it would be nice to have a WR with size. He got invited to the combine so we will get to see his measureables. If he is athletic enough he may make the team.

So guys/girls tell me what you think of my first official draft post. Would you be happy with this draft or do you think I picked the worst players possible and that if I was the GM I would run this team to the ground?

P.S. Don't forget to rec the post.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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