History Tends to Repeat...

For the past decade being a 49ers fan has been unbearably tough, I would say 2002 started it all off. Then the 49ers still had garnered a bit of respect around the league, however that was becoming marred by chemistry issues. Well the long story short is the team imploded in the postseason, the off season wasn't much different.Since then the 49ers have had quite the run of exquisite awfulness, Dennis Erickson and Mike Nolan top the list of awfulness during this dark ages on which we reflect. Sure you could sprinkle in Tim Rattay,Ken Dorsey, and quite a few others point is that it was bad.

After the jump I will try entertain you with a bit of the 49ers history.This is my first stab at writing in quite a while so all criticism is welcomed.

Mike Singletary Is a guy which I rooted for just wasn't ready and may never be.While harping on the rat sniffing Singletary would be easy I can't do it,won't do it, don't need to, let's take a look at the tape. We end the 2010 season with Jim Tomsula taking a win against the Cards.The front office knew exactly who they wanted when Singletary was let go, Jim Harbaugh was the main goal for the 49ers.After a heart gripping tug of war with Miami, Jim decided the bay area is where he should be.Harbaughcalypse had begun here at NN, we were all feeling it this was the coach, we trust him he knows what to do.Well the draft rolls around and Harbs and Baalke make a slough of head scratching picks.Needless to say dissension had begun here, it wasn't quite mutiny but there were grumbles.Harbs didn't make too many friends with giving his playbook to a QB that wasn't on the roster, let alone a QB that no one trusted.Alex Smith was going to be his guy and nothing was going to change that.

Harbaugh was making a big mistake(I was baffled) Alex Smith was never going to be a guy that can take a team to the playoffs.The lock out was looming over us and who was there to keep the team going but Alex Smith.This guy isn't even on the roster but he knew he wanted to play for Harbaugh as much as Harbaugh wanted him to be his guy.Camp Alex was a great success in hindsight, just like the decision that Alex Smith was going to be the starting QB for the 49ers.While all of us groaned at the thought of another turnover latent season with Smith leading the way,Alex while still introverted has turned into a very poised QB,we haven't had to witness the Alex Smith who had zero pocket presence.For that I am fully in on whatever Harbs wants to do.

The history of the 49ers going through coach after coach before they possibly found the guy that sticks may have repeated itself, 1976-78 there were four coaches all with losing records then Bill Walsh came along. Well we have this stretch here of Erickson,Nolan,Singletary and Tomsula(Interim guy not bad) this again is four coaches before we find ourselves with Jim Harbaugh 13-3 in his rookie season a disciple of Walsh's and a guy we are all excited about! While everything that happens from here out is Harbaughs 49ers to write, seeing the pattern can be very intriguing.

Some history I hope we do repeat however is our winning ways in the Superbowl.Everyone here should know we are a pristine 5-0 in the big game.Now we get to rest up a week and lick our wounds from the rigorous regular season.We sit back and let the cards fall in place, we know the road to the NFC championship game goes through San Fran.We are an outstanding 7-1 at home second to only GreenBay and New Orleans who were perfect. Whatever team happens to end up in the Stick against us I think we have the best chance to win. Of the teams we can play Jan 14 Atlanta has the worst road record this season at 4-4. The rest of the playoff teams are at 5-3 aside from GB 7-1, SF 6-2,NE also 6-2 and BLT 4-4. I could care less about the opponent whoever it may be bring them on cause "Who got it better than us nobody."

Well as everyone can tell I typed this up before the stellar game against NO and the heart crushing loss to NY. A lot has happened since I typed this up and I thought I had lost this when my comp crashed I had no idea the site had saved it for me.Anyway I want to post it even though it's hardly relevant.

I am currently typing up a rundown of WR's who will probably be available to the 49ers come draft day.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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