Ahmad Brooks Contract: Paraag Marathe Continues To Make The Salary Cap His [Site Decorum]

Fooch's Note: Updated with base salaries after the jump

It was really not all that long ago that the San Francisco 49ers became one of the first teams to truly mortgage the future in hopes of more Super Bowl titles under the newly minted salary cap. The early years of the cap saw the 49ers squeezing enormous contracts into a tight space year after year. Eventually they had to pay the piper and it led to a roster purge of epic proportions early last decade.

After basically being the impetus for the phrase salary cap hell, the 49ers have become a much more responsible organization with regards to the cap. One of the primary reasons for that is Chief Operating Officer Paraag Marathe. The 49ers COO has been with the 49ers since 2001 and has been the team's chief contract negotiator for some time. In that time the 49ers have maintained strong cap positioning while doing a solid job re-signing their own players to much deserved extensions.

The 49ers continue to take care of business on the contract front as the details of Ahmad Brooks contract are starting to come out. Matt Maiocco was able to provide some important details courtesy of league sources and as it stands, the six year $44.5 million contract is actually more along the lines of six years $37 million. The additional $7.5 million comes in the form of escalators and incentives.

Here are how the cap numbers look for the deal. Reminder, these are cap figures not base salaries, so they include base salary, prorated signing bonus and various roster bonuses. The base salaries are courtesy of the NFLPA via Eric Branch. 2016 and 2017 don't make sense with the base being higher than the cap hit so that is something we'll hopefully get sorted out .

2012: $2.85M ($750,000)
2013: $6.65M ($4.3M)
2014: $7.5M ($5.15M)
2015: $8.35M ($6M)
2016: $6.35M ($6.5M)
2017: $5.3M ($6.95M)

The most important number for now is that the 2012 cap hit will be $2.85 million. The contract includes a $7.5 million signing bonus and another $10 million in guarantees. What I found particularly interesting were his roster bonuses. He will earn approximately $50,000 for every game he is active during the regular season. That adds up to $800,000 per season. That is not a monster sum in the face of the whole contract, but it is still noteworthy.

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This comes across as a pretty respectable contract that can pay out well for Brooks, but will also keep the 49ers in a position to handle their business. I'm still not entirely sure where the 49ers are at cap-wise. The signing of Brooks and Spillman will take up approximately $4.65 million in cap space for 2012. According to MM, after these deals the 49ers have approximately $23 million in cap space. That is based on last year's cap, with this year's cap figure not expected to increase too much.

If the 49ers franchise Dashon Goldson and do not come to terms on a long-term deal, that is another $6.2 million off the cap, bringing it down to a little under $17M. I'm still trying to figure out if that also includes money dedicated to the 2012 draft picks as that would potentially be more money off the top. Alex Smith will likely get his new deal at some point, but it is hard to tell what the cap figure will be for 2012. And of course, the 49ers still have not announced if they will release or restructure Shawntae Spencer's contract.

The 49ers would obviously prefer even more cap space, but all things considered, they are in excellent shape moving forward. Why? Because Paraag Marathe is a bad ass.

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