Official NFL Draft post

Sorry guys that this is coming up late I've been busy with finals week and everything. Don't worry though I won't be late again. Previously I have been doing big boards of certain positions but I feel like doing something different. First the common rules. No personal attacks and site decorum is on. But other than that its fair game.

Because I wanted to do something else I am going to make a seven round mock draft.

Round 1: Kevin Zeitler OG Wisconsin: OG is a huge need. I don't think anything else is even close. Wisconsin produces good O-Line prospects and Zeitler is no different. Over the year Zeitler gave up 0 sacks. Which is a good thing considering that our entire offense plays better when Smith doesn't take a sack.

Round 2: Harrison Smith S Notre Dame: Safety depth is iffy and Smith is a great prospect. I think it would be a good idea to bring him in then if Goldson does not sign it would be OK since we would have a replacement for him.

Round 3: Brian Quick WR Appalachian State: My second favorite WR after Reuben Randle. He has the size to give us the advantage that we need. He has a decent amount of things to work on but I believe that with the proper coaching he can be a force in the NFL.

Round 4: Trevor Guyton DE Cal: Another depth pick since we don't have many holes on our team. Guyton could be another McDonald. A guy who we drafted in the mid rounds and then after a while takes over a starting position.

Round 5: Adrian Hamilton OLB Praire View: Another depth pick. We only have 3 OLBs on the roster and if any of the three OLBs hurt themselves we are screwed. Hamilton will be able to provide depth and then when/if Haralson leaves can replace his spot as the #3 OLB.

Round 6: Joe Adams PR/WR Arkansas: Ginn is only here for a year deal and I would rather have a back up punt returner that doesn't cost us a chance at the SB.

Round 7: Chris Owusu WR Stanford: So many concussions that I wonder how long he will last in the NFL. But he has the talent. If he can stay healthy this pick will be a steal.

P.S. Rec the post

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