A Look At Our Roster

I found our recent signings/re-signings of guys like Josh Johnson and Ted Ginn very, very interesting. I thought it would be worth writing up a list of how our roster currently shapes up at each position, and how that might affect our draft. Enjoy!


(In no particular order)










(In no particular order)






My Thoughts: Soo, which positions look weakest to you? What does the draft look like to you? My personal breakdown of our draft possibilities looks like this:

  • Right Guard: We need competition for Daniel Kilgore. Personally I think Kilgore is a beast and we won't take a Guard in the first round unless we really fall in love with somebody.
  • Safety: I like CJ Spillman, but I have to think we'll draft somebody early this year. Our coaches like Goldson, but he's getting to be a pain in the butt wanting to leave us for more money. I think we draft somebody early this year and next year we let Goldson walk.
  • Outside Linebacker: I think our two starters are fine, but we could use some depth. Haralson doesn't offer much in the way of pass rush, so if one of our starters goes down we're looking at a big drop-off in our pass defense. I could see us drafting somebody as early as rounds 2-4.
  • Running Back: I think this will be Frank Gore's last year as the featured back. We need a young guy to come in and be ready to step into Frank's shoes next year. Our coaches aren't particularly high on Dixon, so we could draft somebody early and give him spot duty this year on short yardage situations. I think we grab somebody in rounds 1-3 unless the guys we like are taken before pick. If that happens we'd probably grab a raw talent late and draft the real heir in next year's first round.
  • Tight End: This is really a bit of wild card. I know Harbaugh and Roman can utilize multiple tight ends to great advantage. I also foresee Moss being used mainly in the red-zone and third down, and Manningham not having quite as great an impact some of us think. This really comes down to our opinion of Walker and Byham. It's not crazy to think we might draft a guy like Fleener as early as round one if there's somebody we really like available when we're picking. Alex could really use somebody besides Davis who is big enough to shield defenders away from the ball.
  • Wide Receiver: Like I said, I don't think Moss and Manningham will have a huge impact this year. Moss is old and Manningham runs sloppy routes. Crabtree is clearly not a number one simply because of his lack of size. While we have a lot of bodies at this position at the moment, I wouldn't say any of their jobs are safe (Crabtree included). With Harbaugh's maniacal obsession with competition, we might draft a big, explosive raw talent early on (Stephen Hill, Tommy Streeter). This would be somebody like Aldon Smith, somebody with all the physical attributes and raw skills to be a dominant player but not a lot of time on the field in college.

Personally, I think that with our roster the way it is, we may feel comfortable using picks to trade up for a guy we really, really like (a guy like Konz, DeCastro, Michael Floyd, or even Coby Fleener). Here's how I see our draft playing out:

  • First round I think we're most likely to draft a Safety or a Wide Receiver (or possibly a TE or RG).
  • Second round we get a Safety, Right Guard, WR or OLB
  • Third round we get whichever of the above mentioned positions we haven't filled or BPA
  • Fourth now it's turned into a crap-shoot based on how the other 3 rounds turned out


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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