2012 49ers: Baalke, Harbaugh Building a Bully

With recent free-agent signings, including the team's own, it's not hard to see that the 49ers have some solid depth at multiple positions. Thanks to GrantMP1 for mentioning this, something many of us are probably all thinking:

The 49ers seem to be building a bully.

They now have a wide receiver corps that includes veterans Randy Moss, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Kyle Williams, Ted Ginn and youngsters Dontavia Bogan, Joe Hastings, and some other guy I can't think of (seriously). At minimum they replaced Josh Morgan and added the potential for more with Moss.

The quarterback position now has three players that, depending on who you talk to, could potentially start for the team at some point in the near future. Signing Josh Johnson to a two-year deal seemed odd at the time, but let's not forget a time when Joe Montana was backed up by Steve Young and Steve Bono, both considered to be very capable backups and/or potential starters.

That worked out pretty well (two out of three aint bad).

Let's make the jump for more

The team also bolstered the running back position by adding Rock Cartwright into the mix. While "Gotti" is mostly known for his special teams abilities, he's also not a bad short-yardage / all-around RB who can even play some FB in a pinch.

The cornerback position was also strengthened via the signing of Perrish Cox, who while he has a chequered past, could end up being a nickel or dime guy over Tramaine Brock, Chris Culliver, or Tarell Brown. They say you can never have too many CB's, so I wouldn't be surprised to see yet another added in the draft. The team also has second-year players Curtis Holcomb and Cory Nelms on the squad.

At this point the only glaring need is at right guard, and even there the team has second-year men Daniel Kilgore, Mike Person and a guy that user yougomango pointed out to me in Garrett Chisolm. Chisolm was regarded as a good player before an injury caused his draft stock to plummet. The video I've seen of him looked encouraging, though.

The setup for the draft couldn't be better. The team won't have to consider "needs" nearly as much as it can simply let great values fall to them. Just think of this:

Just about nobody was lost from last year's roster, MORE quality was added...and it's not even the draft, yet!

Building a bully, indeed.

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