Which games do you see as potential Primetime Games?

Wow...I just looked at the teams we are playing next year for the first time, and damn do we have a lot of good teams that we will be playing. @New England, New York Giants, @New York Jets, Detroit Lions, @Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, @ New Orleans Saints, and potentially improved Arizona and Seattle. Basically, with our performance from last year, and our opponent's performance from last year, this sets up a lot of Marquee, Primetime games, which I am so excited to see in April what we will receive, but here's my view:

Vs New York Giants- Sunday Night, NBC(This, by far, HAS to be the most easiest decision for schedule-makers, and NBC always has the "game of the week", so many storylines, another candidate for game of the year, NFC championship rematch, so I am expecting this game to be shown in primetime)

@New England- Monday Night, ESPN(Return of Randy Moss?, Brady vs our Defense? Potential Super Bowl preview?, Again, this should be an easy decision to put on primetime)

@New Orleans, Monday Night, ESPN(Rematch of Divisional round, this will be another fun game to watch, once again, easy to put on primetime)

@Green Bay- Sunday Night, NBC(This could very well be the game of the year, Best offense vs Best Defense, Alex vs Aaron Rodgers, the entire nation would love to see this game, potential playoff preview)

vs Detroit- Could be slated for for primetime, or the late game's "main game" on a sunday afternoon(Harbaugh vs Schawrtz, in the rematch of the 'mean' handshake)

vs Chicago- Possibility of a Thursday Night game, but it may not be so appealing so it could just be a normal afternoon game, which is totally fine

@New York Jets- Could end up being a late afternoon game in New York, or a primetime game, but would be cool with either decision by the NFL

@ Arizona or @ Seattle, or vs Seattle/Arizona at home- I could definitely see going to Seattle being a Monday Night/Thursday night game, only because of the atmosphere, and with our performance from last year, it'll be electric

There you have it Niners Nation, potentially our 49ers could be playing up 7-8 primetime games, almost half our schedule, it's good to be good again, ready for another fun season! What's your guy's opinion?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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