High upside Mock draft

There are only a few places where starters can now be picked up in the draft. We're mostly now looking at WR4, OLB3, FS2, and RG1 and 2 and Center 2 (swing lineman) (I have very little faith in a Kilgore. He couldn't beat out the worst RGs in the league last year.) Below is a mock that answers those positions with no trades.

Rd1. - Kevin Zeitler - G/C - The 2nd best of the interior linemen when it comes to technique. Also demonstrated his ability to play center at his pro day, (apparently he had much less trouble with the position than DeCastro did when he attempted at Stanford's). Fantastic balance and knee bend. Has tremendous lateral movement for a guard... (Perhaps good enough to play tackle in a pinch). Not just a technique machine who's good in pass pro, Zeitler also displays the power of a road grading guard and can blow his man off the ball. Is he a reach at 30? It only seems that way because this is the draft with the most elite talent at guard ever. Other years he might be taken as early as #20. IMO I'd take him 10 times out of 10 before last years #1 guard off the board Danny Watkins, (based on skill alone not Watkins advanced age for a draftee), who was taken 23rd overall.

Rd2. Amini Silatulo/Brandon Brooks - G - Say Wha? I'm double dipping on the interior linemen?!? Here's why. Silatulo/Brooks are both high ceiling projects. Not a big ones but projects. They may or may not pan out. But, if either does pan out they'll be everything we were hoping Chilo would be. It will probably take them a year or two to fully develop. For that short time they'll be the backup guard. HOWEVER, if Goodwin goes down we WILL be moving Zeitler to center for that timeframe and Silatulo/Brooks will be right at home putting guys on their butt as our fill-in. When, (slight if), Silatulo/Brooks develops we can move Zeitler to center and start him permanently. At 62 Silatulo is a value of 15 picks or more. Many scouts have him going in the top 45 and the reason he might slide out of it is because this draft class is so awesome at these positions. Brooks is rated very differently by different scouts depending on what they value... Because of his out of this world athleticism, (his pro day was quite comparable to Cody Glenn's performance at the combine), I have him as 1st round talent, but his lower level of competition and being rather raw he'll quite possibly be there at 62.

Rd3. - Markelle Martin - FS - Anybody that knows me knows I'm not a Goldson fan. He whiffs tackles and has low situational awareness on the field. IMO he was a product of our all-world front 7 and more than half the starting safeties in the league could have done what he did behind them. Goldson has already shown last year he wants to be paid like he's a top 5 guy. There's nothing to suggest anything will be any different after this season. No need for a me-first guy on this team. Especially one that doesn't know the difference between a wrap-up tackle and a buffalo chicken wrap. Markelle does everything Goldson does, (absolutely lay the wood), is more athletic AND, ANNNDD he is not a liability in coverage. Great fit for us. And we lose a me-first guy.

This is where we start aiming for the stars with guys with elite potential.

Rd4. - Adrian Hamilton - DE/OLB - The Prairie View A&M super stud is a small school product who put up monster numbers. Hamilton (who's pro day was a couple days ago and the numbers seem to be nowhere) has demonstrated elite athleticism and quickness again a lower level of competition on his tape. He topped 20 sacks in his last season and has demonstrated a nasty spin move and great first step. The question is, will he still be here at 128?

Rd5 - Derek Carrier - WR - Another small school product from D-III Beloit that sent scouts scurrying for his tape after he blew up Wisconsin's pro day. Carrier measured 6’3″ 240 pounds, ran a 40 under 4.5, measured a 40-inch vertical, 10-2 broad, and 6.69 3-cone drill. The 3-cone time in particular was impressive as only 1 WR at the combine topped it. Carrier led the Beloit Buccaneers last year with 75 catches for 1,250 yards and 12 touchdowns. Carrier was a 3 sport star for the Buccs in football, basketball and Track.

Rd6 - Dale Moss - WR - Moss was a member of the South Dakota State basketball team and never played college football until 2011. In his first and only season on the football field with the Jackrabbits he led the team in receiving with 61 receptions for 949 receiving yards and six touchdowns while starting just nine of 11 games. His upside is ENORMOUS. At SDSU's pro day Moss measured 6 feet, 3.5 inches and 213 pounds, posted a vertical jump of 41.5 inches and broad jump of 10 feet, 10 inches. His forty time clocked at 4.45 seconds then Moss ran an amazingly fast three cone time of 6.32 seconds and 60 yard shuttle of 10.82 seconds. One scout at the workout mentioned in seven years of attending pro day and combine workouts Moss' three cone time was the fastest he's witnessed.

Rd7 - Kellen Moore - QB - Just because.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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