My Spring Break Mock Draft

Greetings my fellow Niner fans,

Just recently started my spring break from SJSU and I'm actually not doing anything crazy this year just simply relaxing back home in SF. This has given me a chance to really catch up and dig into as much info that I can find for this upcoming draft. This led to me being motivated to post up my first mock draft here. Through looking at several mock draft boards all these selections have a shot of occurring though the first couple need several factors to go the Niners way. Take a look below.

1st Round: Cordy Glenn G 6'6'' 345 Georgia

This pick is the one in my mock with probably the least chance of occurring but you never know. If a team doesn't get enamored with Glenn as a possible tackle then he should most likely last into the 20s, but probably only low 20s. Hopefully there are some surprise picks early on which leads to Glenn falling to the Niners but even if that's not the case I wouldn't mind trading a future pick to move 4(2013 2nd rounder?) to 8(2013 1st Rounder?) spots up in the 1st round for him. Daniel Kilgore could possibly be a solid starter for the Niners but when you look at Glenn, he definitely looks to have the tools to become an elite guard which could really held solidify the Niners offensive line for years to come.

2nd Round: Rueben Randle WR 6'3'' 210 LSU

Randle might also have to slip a bit for the Niners to have a chance to draft him at the end of the 2nd but there's a decent chance of this occurring. It seems most draft boards have Randle as a 2nd rounder now with a guy like Stephen Hill surpassing him. Randle doesn't have the track record of other potential 2nd rounders such as Jeffery and Sanu which can lead to those guys being drafted before him. If the Niners get the chance to draft him, he can compete with Williams and Ginn for the 4th receiver spot this upcoming season then hopefully develop enough to have a prominent role in 2013.

3rd Round: Markelle Martin S 6'1'' 207 Oklahoma State

Martin had a recent knee injury which led to him not participating in the combine. In addition, it seems several safety prospects have their stock rising which has led them to pass ahead of Martin in many draft boards. All these factors lead to Martin having a good chance of being available in the 3rd round. With Goldson only being with the Niners due to the franchise tag, there's no guarantee that he'll stick around for the long term. Martin could provide safety depth his rookie year and possibly become a starter his 2nd year like our recent 3rd round pick Navorro Bowman.

4th Round: Ben Jones C 6'3'' 303 Georgia

There's a consensus that Konz is the top center prospect in this year's draft but as for the 2nd best prospect there's some debate about it. Jones could arguably be that player though he's projected to go anywhere from the 3rd to 5th round. With several highly regarded guards in this draft there's a high chance that after Konz is drafted in the 1st, there might not be another center drafted for a couple of rounds. For the Niners, I'm not sure that Beeler is more than just a depth player but Jones could back up Goodwin for a year or two and then step in as a solid starter.

5th Round: Olivier Vernon OLB 6'2'' 261 Miami (FL)

Here the Niners can take a shot at a project player. Vernon was suspended for 6 games this last season due to a situation with a booster, which is a part of the reason his stats don't stand out. For the most part Vernon has played as DE but he has shown the athleticism to transition to a 3-4 OLB. There seems to be a lot of potential in his pass rushing ability. Preferably for the Niners, Vernon could step in as the 4th OLB this upcoming season and probably not see much playing time on the defensive side. By his 2nd season hopefully he can step up and take over Haralson's spot as the 3rd OLB.

6th Round: Donnie Fletcher CB 6'0'' 190 Boston College

Fletcher hasn't been given much recognition in this draft process, he wasn't even invited to the combine. This can be due to Boston College rarely having any defensive backs being drafted in recent history. This seems odd because Fletcher does seem like a very solid prospect. He doesn't extremely excel in any one aspect but he is solid across the board with play making ability and provides good size for a CB to go along with good speed. The Niners do already have several CBs signed but you can never have enough today with the number of high octane passing offenses around the league. Fletcher could prove to be a diamond in the rough and become a solid 2nd or 3rd CB.

7th Round: Darrell Scott HB 6'0'' 231 South Florida

Scott never put up big numbers in college which is why he will probably last until the 7th round or even be undrafted. He does seem to fit the bill of a power back though, plus he has shown to have some speed. The Niners could take a flier with him and have him compete with Dixon for that 3rd RB spot because Dixon himself hasn't show much in the running game. A replacement for Gore can be looked at in next year's draft where there seems to be a lot more solid RBs involved.

Overall, I would be ecstatic if the Niners were able to pull of this mock draft. Some of you might not think that this mock is realistic but I honestly don't feel that it's that far fetched. A couple of other players I'm intrigued by and haven't heard much from here are RB Bernard Pierce and DT Alameda Ta'amu. That's it for me and I look forward to hearing any comments that you have.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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