NFL Draft Order 2012: 49ers Picks One Through Seven

As expected, yesterday, the San Francisco 49ers learned they will receive no compensatory picks in the 2012 NFL Draft. Compensatory picks are determined through a formula that factors in free agency additions and subtractions. The 49ers had as strong a free agency haul as anybody in the NFL this past season, so this result was relatively expected.

The NFL Draft is a month away and the 49ers picks have officially been determined. The 49ers get a bump up one spot in the second round thanks to the Saints losing their pick. The 49ers also get a bump in the third round thanks to the Raiders using their third round pick for their supplementary draft selection of Terrelle Pryor.

49ers 2012 draft picks
Round 1: No. 30 overall
Round 2: No. 61 overall
Round 3: No. 92 overall
Round 4: No. 125 overall
Round 5: No. 165 overall
Round 6: No. 200 overall
Round 7: No. 237 overall

As we look ahead to the 2012 NFL Draft, the 49ers could very well find themselves in a position to do a fair amount of wheeling and dealing. They need to add depth at several positions, but they could meet their needs while also adding some picks this year and next. In looking at that first round pick, something in my gut keeps telling me that they are going to deal down.

A slide in the final third of the first round could certainly change that, but if that right guy isn't there at No. 30, the 49ers are not in a point where they should be getting desperate and reaching for a player. There is some great talent late, and if the team can potentially stockpile picks for later in the draft or in the higher rounds next year, why not make a move?

The team is coming off a very strong 2011 draft class that still has a lot of room for growth. If they can lock down another solid class, this team will really be in a position to build some long term success. Free agency can net some great finds, but teams that have consistent success in the draft generally seem to have a lot of success. This offseason could prove pivotal if the team wants to turn last year's success into year-in and year-out success.

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