5 things that make you go HMMMM?

1."And with the 30th pick of the draft the San Francisco 49ers choose?

I love Mock Drafts and all, but trying to get into the mind of Coach Harbaugh is like last years 49ers trying to score a touchdown once they got into the red-zone. Not that easy. How many of us in last year's mock draft had Aldon Smith as the 7th pick? Probably, not any. I would say my best guess, is not to guess.

2. Another Quarterback added to the mix.

Remember when Bill Russel of the 1968 Boston Celtics, not only played, but also coached his team to the NBA championship. The thought of having a successful player-coach in this era would be very intriguing. Could it happen?...I say "yes". where? "right here" in San Francisco. "who"..? Coach Harbaugh..thats who. Coach Harbaugh said himself "I knew I was ready after completing 47 of 48 passes to receiver Randy Moss"..or maybe it was the other way around? anyway, I can't remember, the point being - why not..? Think about it...add another QB to the mix of Alex Smith, Colin Kaepernick, Scott Tolzien, Josh Johnson. Think of the competition of who will win the starting Quarterback position, And on top of this my guess is that Jim would still move around in the pocket..even much better than Peyton Manning at this point in their careers. Speaking of Peyton I wonder who caught his passes at the secret meeting back at Duke ? "Sources" are reporting that it was "possibly Greg Roman"..other sources are reporting "it could of been Greg" but one of "the recievers face was obscured by a dark brown hoodie". The other individual viewing the action was Quote "watching the action from a nearby parked car".

3. Sanchez-Tebow. The "dumbest" franchise front-office decision ever.

Have you ever seen a system in the NFL where having two Quarterbacks, alternating offensive possessions has ever been successful? Maybe at a High-School lever. Even in college a two Quarterback system mostly divides and fractures the offense and in most cases leaves the team in disarray. Tebow is Tebow and Sanchez is Sanchez, but Tebow- Sanchez is a reciepe for disaster.

4. Will Randy Moss in the "west coast' offense run routes accross the middle?

My answer...He won't have to. If you study Moss's career receiving stats...two particual numbers always jump off the page. 1.Number of receiving yards and 2. Touchdown receptions. Randy Moss has has never been one to grind out yardage across the middle and has never had a particular high average of YAC(yards after catch). It's interesting though, just having the presence of Moss on a team has most always increased the other receivers (YAC) (Ex. Patriots Wes Welker). Randy Moss running "go routes" is only going to open up the middle of the field all that much more for Crabtree and Manningham. In-fact these two receivers should already be thanking him. My hope is that Harbaugh and Roman will open up the offense and allow Alex Smith to throw it deep downfield a number of times. If you want to watch Moss at his best..and pure unadulterated speed watch this you tube action please click this link . At least one publication also thinks Smith to Moss is a winning combination. Read this CHFF

5. What if I tell you the 49ers had the best passing team in the league.

Ok. I lied. The 49ers had the best passing team in the league in the 2010-11 season. But wait, that can't be true either. However, I have statistics to prove it. According to Cold Hard Football Facts - and going strictly off Sports Illustrated stats, the 49ers are first in one particular stat. The 49ers offense averaged nearly 7.0 Average Yards After Catch (AYAC). This yard average was number one in the league in 2010-11 NFL season. For all you Alex "Haters" out there - you now have clear cold proof that about any Quarterback in the NFL (CK included) would make the Niners a better team.I don't know if I agree with it or not, but please - Read Here Anyway, it will be interesting when they provide the AYAC statistics for the 2011-12 and see how the 49ers offense and the receivers fared against the league average and if it changed any under Coach Harbaugh. AYAC - is the average measurement of what a reciever gains in yardage after catching the football. Before you go all "hatin on Crabtree first read this: Crabtree is good! Suprisingly in 2010-11 the 49ers had 2 receivers in the top 25. Josh Morgan, yes!( the Josh Morgan now with the Redskins) who finished 3rd overall with 8.64 (AYAC). Michael Crabtree actually finished 11th with a 5.76 (AYAC). To our benefit Mario Manningham(great pick-up Harbaugh!) finished 9th overall with a 5.78 (AYAC). Another reason the 49ers were at #1 in passing offense, at least in AYAC during the 2010-11 that we owe it to none other than Frank Gore and Vernon Davis who averaged a whopping 10.9 and 8.16 those two can really run after catching the Pig-skin. As soon as I have this years updated statistics from cold hard football facts, for this last season I'll let you know. If any of you readers are already a member of this site maybe you could update me................Breaking News ! I just added the update, ......ANYWAY (Please Read Update)

Go Niners!!


I revisited ESPN NFL stats...and updated the 49ers AVYC (Average Yards After Catch). The stats from the 2011-12 season are a bit lower. The 49ers led the league two years ago in AYAC with a 6.98 (SI average). Just for comparison sake the Green Bay Packers that year were 7th with a 6.06 average and the Jacksonville Jaguars were last with a 3.97 average. The 49ers AYAC for this season was right about 6.42 (ESPN) stats. Lower, but still would of placed #4 in the 2010 League average.

What can be extrapolated from this seasons small drop in (AYAC) ? You be the judge. Did Coach Singletary's system benefit the receivers and Quarterback. Obviously, under Coach Harbaugh's system Alex was a much more effecient Quarterback, with a much higher Quarterback rating. Did having Josh Morgan going down with an injury have something to do with it? Will AYAC go up next year after experiencing the offense a second time? Does AYAC mean anything to a football team? and does anyone really care? I hope so, I've spent enough time on it.. One thing I did notice in comparing stats form last year to this year is that some of the 49er key receivers AYAC has gone down considerably.

For your information:

Going off of ESPN numbers for AYAC - I have listed the 49ers receivers numbers and differences from the two different seasons

49er receiver Average yards after the catch 2010 season difference to last seasons 2011 AYAC

M. Crabtree 5.41 (2010) to 5.04 (2011) -Small drop-off

V. Davis 6.78 (2010) to 4.89 (2011) -Notable drop-off, made up for in playoffs

B. Edwards 5.66 (2010) to 3.2 (2011) -Injury, system?

F. Gore 10.26 (2010) to 6.29 (2011) -Less screen passes, injury?

J. Morgan 6.25 (2010) to 6.66 (2011) -Best 49er receiver in AYAC

T. Ginn 1.5 (2010) to 2.47 (2011) -Way low, good return numbers though

Kyle Williams N/A (2010) to 5.1 (2011) -Would of placed 21st AYAC two seasons ago

K. Hunter N/A (2010) to 11.12 (2011) -Highest on the team, maybe should of thrown more balls his way last year

D. Walker 5.44 (2010) to 3.52 (2011) -Another dip

Other Notables

M. Manningham 5.71 to 2.61 (2011) -Victor Cruz happened?

M. Wallace 6.06 to 6.84 (2011)

V. Cruz 7.2 (2011)

W. Welker 4.77 to 6.0 (2011)

A. Foster 9.28 to 11.98 (2011)

D. Sproles 8.28 to 8.02 (2011)

Calvin J. 4.27 to 5.43 (2011)

D. Jackson 7.51 to 4.25 (2011)

T. Owens in 2008 averaged 3.97 (AYAC) 69 receptions, 1,052 yards in the season, with 10 touchdowns

R. Moss in 2008 averaged 5.07 (AYAC) 69 receptions, 1,008 yards in the season, with 11 touchdowns

In 2010 both the last seasons Randy and TO were in the league, TO's numbers were still pretty good. On the other hand Randy Moss had a terrible season.

T. Owens in 2010 averaged 3.73 (AYAC) 72 receptions, 983 yards in the season, with 9 touchdowns.

R. Moss in 2010 averaged 2.50 ( AYAC) 28 receptions, 393 yards in the season, with 5 touchdowns.

Moss, playing for 3 different teams, amazingly, only caught 28 passes out of 63 targets .44 % without doubt Randy had lost determination to play in the NFL. Here's to Hoping the passion will return.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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